The Purge of the Elf Queen Elori

Queen Elori

Episode 1-25-2017

March 22 – Furgan and the rest of the Dwarves. After only a few hours, find the hidden entrance to the underground river. When they trek back to where the camp is in the box canyon. They only find Podrick, Arturas’s squire, Bill and Ted. (Podrick) “I’m sorry guys, the group has already left and fought their way into the castle through the front entrance. They left not soon after you.” (Mundas) “They are trying to gather all the glory and treasure for themselves.” The dwarves look at the huge hoards of undead swarming the castle. They decide the best way in to be the underground river that they found. They head back to the cave that the river entrance is in. Along the way they find 3 large logs to bring with them to make a raft. At the river, they quickly make a raft and float down the river towards the castle. After about 2 hours of travel down the slow moving river. Mundas spots a beach with a dock and a row boat. They paddle over to the dock and all go ashore. Beyond the dock there is a stone stairway leading up. After drying themselves off. They climb the stairway. At the top of the stairs they enter a dimly lit castle chamber. Dwarves are prone to not being stealthy. They soon attract the attention of several zombies that are across the chamber. Furgan steps forward. He waves his Clerical holy symbol and 4 of the 8 zombies drop to dust. The other 4 attack the dwarves. Unnoticed by the dwarves, in the far corner of the chamber stands a Wight. As the dwarves vanquish the zombies. The Wight slowly draws an arrow in his bow. He lets it fly and quickly draws and fires a second arrow. Mundas is hit by both arrows. The dwarves seeing this, all attack. The wight switches to his deadly sword. After several of the dwarves brutal attacks hit home. The wight, now weakened and severely outnumbered. Attempts to flee past the dwarves up the stairs to the main part of the castle. Furgan casts a Sacred Flame spell as the wight reaches the steps. It falls to the ground burning and does not move. The dwarves explore the chamber behind the cage bars where the zombies and wight came from. It is a torture chamber and there are dead bodies all throughout the room. The dwarves take down all the bodies and lay them on the ground. Furgan says a short prayer over them. The dwarves can not get past another locked gate that looks like it leads to a cell block. (Omnick) “Hello, anybody in there?” There is no answer. The dwarves proceed up the stairs past the flaming body of the wight. At the top of the stairs there is a door. It opens into the main part of the castle. There are 2 empty hallways at a 90 degrees to each other. Mundas points down the hallway to the right. (Sabin) “Why that way?” (Mundas) “My right hand faces that way so it must be the right one.” No one questions that logic. As they travel down the hallway. They hear horses. No one can figure where the sound is coming from. They continue as the hallway zig zags and ends at 2 doors. (Sabin) “So I assume we take the door on the right?” This door leads them into the vaulted entrance way. There is a large wooden table sitting off to the side of the double doors. Tabin is the first to notice the edges of the double doors are glowing with a faint green glow. They all can hear the scratching, pounding and moaning of the undead on the far side. They start heading the other way up the great hall.

In the treasure room. Arturas is examining the jewel encrusted great sword. (Maab) “You do know we cant take anything out of this room.” (Arturas) “What, Why?” (Maab) “The mirror says that Elori will know if we take anything out of here.” (Finnttran) “Ah, Ah Guys, there someone coming. Like a lot of someone coming up the hall.” Before anyone could reach the doors to close them. The dwarves tromp into the open area with the 2 curved stairways. The dwarves see the rest of the group handling the treasure. They run into the room and start grabbing gems, silver, jeweled items and stuffing them in their pouches. 1 of the dwarves is trying to stuff a silver platter down his trousers. (Maab) “Stop, stop taking things.” All the dwarves stop and turn towards Maab. (Maab) “Elori will know if anything leaves her precious trophy room.” (Sabin) “We cant take anything? Not even these tiny gems? She wont miss them.” The look that Maab gives them. The dwarves all start throwing what they took, back on the tables. Suddenly Solaire and Alston see Ulfgar break into a run out of the room. Wolfcaller is following him. They both run up the curved stairs. Carter pushes past the dwarves and breaks into a run after the 2 druids. By the time Carter gets to the top of the stairs. They are both gone. The rest of the group follows up to the 2nd floor. There is another stairway going up, across the hall. The group goes up to the 3rd floor. Nazgil Oslea is 35 yards away. Hovering on the opposite side of the opening to the lower 2nd and 1st floor. His visage alone causes everyone to real back from the horror. The dwarves retreat back down the stairs. They wonder why everyone else is not following them. Nazgil Oslea casts a spell at the group. A large fire elemental appears in the midst of the group. The group scatters and the fighters attack. The heat from the fire elemental is intense. Alston’s spare hat catches fire. Anyone in metal armor feels like they are in an oven. Carter suppresses the pain in his hands to hit the monster. It take the whole group several rounds to defeat the elemental. The group proceeds to catch their breath. Carter, not wanting the Nazgil to cast another spell to delay them. Dashes towards the Nazgil. Everyone sees Carter running. They push themselves to follow him and engage the vile apparition. The fighting is fast and intense. Oslea attempts to grab at anyone in the group. His hand rakes Arturas’s left arm. He continues to fight through the pain. Oslea unleashes a lightning bolt at the group, but it is way too late. The onslaught from the group is too much and Oslea’s ghostly form dissolves after Arturas’s magical great sword swings through it. (Carter) “Is he defeated or did he escape?” (Arturas) “I think he is defeated.” (Solaire) “I did not see him move through a wall. I believe he is gone. Gone for good. Praise Pelor.” The group tends to their wounds. The dwarves, not hearing any more fighting up the stairs. Climb back up the stairs to investigate. The group gives the dwarves a look of disappointment. Furgan just shrugs it off.

After some minor bandaging. The group continues up the stairs to the 4th level. The stair ends in a hallway. They make a right. Go down a short 30’- hall way and enter a very large circular tower that is over the open area. The circular tower is about 100’- diameter. The open area goes all the way down to the 1st floor and up 2 more floors. There is a circular stair along the outer wall. It goes upward in a counter clockwise direction. On a platform jutting into the center. About 10’- below where the group entered the tower. Sits what looks like the magic mirror facing away from the group. Maab slowly steps up the stairway. The group follows in a cautious manner. As she gets around so she can see the mirror. She sees the harlequin face in the mirror. It looks worried. It sees her and mouths the words “HELP ME.” At this point everyone hears in a shrill voice echoing throughout the tower. (Elori) “Come to me pretty little girl. Come let me gaze upon your pretty elvish face.” Maab, becomes enthralled and glassy eyed in a trance like state. (Maab) “Yes Queen, I will come to you.” She starts walking up the stairs. Carter being the quickest, rushes to her and holds her from continuing. (Elori) “Your friends hold you back. Come to me child.” Maab tries to brake free, but Carter holds he firm. Fergan casts a short spell upon Maab to break her out of the trance. (Maab) “Carter, why are you holding me?” (Carter) “So you don’t walk up stairs enthralled by her.” The shrill voice again. (Elori) “I know you are all down there. Come to me and my pet.” The group slowly moves up the stairway. The 2 floors up to a platform with a railing. Queen Elori is floating upon a raised dias. Ulfgar is in a trance like state and is standing to her right. There are 2 wights standing behind Elori to either side. When the group gets to the top of the stairs. The wights move forward to protect their queen. Wolfcaller’s body lies on the floor dead. He is bleeding from what is left of his face. (Elori) “It’s a pity you all will die soon.” As the group readies to attack. Elori Screams a most horrendous scream. Everyone covers their ears, but the sound makes everyone’s bones tremble. Finntran, Alston, Maab, Sai, Podnick and 3 of the dwarves drop to the floor convulsing. When the scream finally ends. Those that are left standing. Muster the energy to attack. Furgan, Farther down the stairs. Casts a Healing Word spell upon some of the fallen that he can see on the stairs. Arturas gets up from his 1 knee. Charges forward and casts misty step. He appears to Elori’s left side. Swinging his magical great sword and casting Thunderous Smite to hit her hard. The Smite sends her apparition body floating out over the edge of the railing. She is floating in the open area. Out of reach of anyone in the party on the platform. Solaire sees ulfgar turn to attack Carter. Solaire charges forward and pushes Ulfgar over the edge of the railing. He then backs up. Seeing his friends withering on the floor. He casts Healing Word upon those that are still fallen. Carter attacks one of the wights. Arturas attacks the other wight. Maab puts on her ring of smoke form. Now in the shadowy grey smoke form. She can see Elori, Not as a Non-corporal hag but as an old elf woman. Maab attempts to lure Elori closer to Alston and the rest of the group. Elori can feel the elvish maiden beauty of Maab. Even through the mask of the smoke form. Elori moves closer to Maab to shred her beautiful face. Maab tries casting Burning Hands at Elori. The spell works and amazes her. Solaire uses the Crusaders Mantle Scroll to aid the party. Carter, Arturas, Alston and Solaire are in the flurry of attacks on the wights. Back and forth. Soon both of the wights are destroyed. Elori is in a rage. She drifts forward, clawing at Maab with sharp skeletal fingers. Solaire, being the closest to Maab. Swings his morning star at Elori. As the glowing magic weapon goes through the queen. The ghostly form shrieks and dissipates into nothing. The queen is no more. The 2 bodies of the wights on the floor turn to dust. The group looks around. Still expecting her to reappear. The only sound heard is the heavy breathing of everyone in the group that was fighting.



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