The Purge of the Elf Queen Elori

Jackpot, Wait, What?

Episode 1-11-2017

March 21 – Solaire helps Maab to sit up and lean against the wall in the hallway. Her arms where the Nazgil grabbed her ache severely. Her fingers even tingle. The rest of the group pushes the zombies and skeletons back out the main double doors. (Arturas) “We need to bar these door better.” (Sila) “What about the heavy table in the room down the hall?” (Alston) “I will get it. I just need some help.” Arturas shakes his head no. Since he is holding the doors shut with his massive weight. Several of the group follow Alston up the hallway to the meeting room. Alston gets under the middle of the table and lifts up. Several people hold each end and direct him as Alston carries the table back down the hallway to the entrance doors. Arturas and him place the table against the doors. The hoard outside still can push the doors open. The 2 again push the doors closed. Tummil comes forward with his spell book open. (Tummil) “Wait, I have Arcane Lock. I can bar the door. As Arturas and Alston hold the table against the door. Tummil casts the spell on the door. When he is finished. The door edges have a slight green glow. Alston and Arturas release the table The door holds. They move the table away. (Tummil) “I could not think of a suitable password for us to allow us to go in or out the door, so I used the word Password in the spell as the password.” (Carter) “Where do we go next?” (Solaire) “I think rest is in order. Maab here needs to sleep. The rest of the group also needs rest and I believe some of the mages need to read. Besides, I am a little thirsty after that trying battle.” (Arturas) “Ok, then were. Back in the meeting room?” (Carter) “There are 2 bunk rooms with beds over here.” Carter shows them. The large bunk room is missing the door from when the Nazgil used the Thunderwave on Carter. He shows them the other room. The group decides the 2nd room is more secure. There are only 3 beds and 1 couch in here. Several people drag 4 more beds from the 1st room into this room. The horses are locked into the meeting room up the hall. Everybody gets the needed food and rest. The night passes uneventful.

March 22 – Maab wakes up rested and refreshed. She looks at the skin on her upper arms. The blood flow has returned and they are alive and healthy. Sai is sitting watch. She is cross-legged on the table. Everyone else is still sleeping or meditating. Sai gets up and walks over to Maab. She hands her a water skin. (Sai) “You seem better this morning.” (Maab) “I feel better this morning.” (Sai) “Too bad Ted is not here. I can really go for some of his warm honey bacon with mulled wine.” The rest of the group soon wakes up and starts to mill around. Podnick finds a water pot near the fireplace. He pulls out some tea leaves from a pouch and starts to brew some in the pot suspended in the fireplace. Everyone settles for dried meat and dried fruit for breakfast. Carter and Ursa check the door. When they open it they find the corridor empty. The group, after breakfast. Back tracks to the dual curved staircases. They check on the horses. They are eating the cushions from the couch. Ulfgar casts a spell to create food and drink. But the food he creates are 6 bails of hay and the drink is an open barrel of water. They relock the horses in the room to be safe. (Ulfgar) “That should hold them till we get back.” Finntran walks over to the other double doors under the other curved staircase. They are locked. Ursa raises her axe to smash the doors open. Maab walks up to her and holds out her lock pick. (Maab) “Easy, I can get this open.” In under 30 seconds she has the doors open. The group is in awe when the doors swing open. It is a room the direct opposite of the other. In here there are 8 huge tables 15 feet long. They are loaded with weapons, jewels, silverware, goblets, figurines, jeweled combs, armor, clothing, musical instruments, all sorts of items. All gold, silver and very ornate. Most with inlaid jewels and gems. There are several huge beautiful tapestries on the walls. There is 1 large gold framed mirror hanging on the far wall from the door. Everything in this room is the most beautiful of whatever it is. Everyone staggers into the room. 1 of the mages casts detect magic. The room lights up like a rack of candles. Alston finds a jeweled inlaid foil with a basket hilt. Arturas finds a great sword. The scabbard is gold and silver wire wrapped with sapphires the entire length. There are sapphires in the pommel and the crossbar. Maab finds several jewelry cases with rings, bracelets, necklaces, tiaras, broaches, hair pins and hat pins. She shovels all into the 5 empty sacks she has with her. Everyone is picking up items and examining them from all the tables. Alston from the corner of his eye sees something in the edge of the glass on the mirror. When he walks over to it. It does not show his reflection. Just a cloudy film. He grabs a cloak off 1 of the tables and hangs it on the mirror. They all go back to examining stuff on the tables. This time Carter notices the cloak has fallen off the mirror and there is some fluttering along the edge if the glass. Maab has filled all 5 sacks with as much of the jewels that will fit in them. She finds that she can not lift any of the sacks. They are all too heavy. In her exasperation she stands up. When she does she sees what looks like someone peeking along the edge of the mirror. Carter also notices this. They both walk over to the mirror. Carter starts tapping on it very hard. (Carter) “Hello, come out or I will smash you.” Alston and Carter take the mirror off the wall and place it on the floor. They look at it from several angles. The smokey film seems like there is depth to the mirror. Maybe 7" to 8" but the mirror frame is only 2" deep and the glass is only ½" deep. After a while, they hang it back on the wall. Maab stands off to the side of the mirror. To pass the time while watching it. She sings a slow Elvish ballad. By mid song she notices what looks like part of a face peeking around the edge of the glass at her. At the end of her song. Carter walks over to the mirror but the face disappears into the smoke. He starts tapping on the glass again. Maab shoos him away. Sai walks over to stand to Maab’s side. (Sai) “There is something in that glass. I seen it also.” Everyone in the room is now looking at Maab and Sai standing near the mirror. (Maab) “Please come out. I will not let the other one hurt you.” The face slowly appears out of the smoke. It is the face of a harlequin mask. (Mirror) “You are Elvish?” Maab and Sai are a little taken back. (Maab) “In a way, Yes.” She mindlessly combs her hair to behind her slightly pointed ear. The face turns to a reflection of Maab, but of a slightly younger more beautiful Maab and in Maab’s voice. (Mirror) “You are Elvish. Why are you here?” (Maab) “To defeat the queen.” The reflection of Maab turns to an older 175 year old more beautiful Maab. (Mirror) “You are all in danger. She knows you are her. She can feel you.” (Maab) “Then why does she not come?” (Mirror) “She will send her minions upon you.” (Sai) “Why are all these things here in this room?” The reflection turns to a very beautiful adolescent Maab. (Mirror) “These are her pretty things. She desires beauty, but not beauty in others. You are in danger from her. Your beauty will anger her.”(Maab) “That is what the mask is for.” (Mirror) “That will not help. She will know of your beauty. Especially because of the mask.” Everyone in the room slowly puts down what they were holding and moves closer to where Maab is talking to the Mirror. (Maab) “Can you show her to me?” The image in the mirror changes to a tall thrown sitting on a dias in a round room. The visage of the queen sitting there is hideous. Everyone watching is repulsed. Several people cower and turn away form the image. (Maab) “Can you show us how to get to where she is?” The images flicker to the open double stair outside this room. At the top it shows another stair across the hall. This stairway is a narrower switch back stairway that goes up 2 levels. Then a left and another left enters an open shaft with a spiral stair along the outer wall going up counter clockwise for 2 levels. On the level it entered the tower. There is an empty mirror frame in a stand. Similar to the mirror they are talking to. The images continues up the stair to the queens thrown room. Again showing the hideous form that is what is left of the queen. (Maab) “What else can you show me?” (Mirror) “Anything you wish.” (Solaire) “Show us all her minions in the castle.” The images of 8 whites flash so fast that no one could keep up or discern where they are. The last image shows Nazgil Oslea in an wizardry-alchemy room. He is flipping through a large spell book. (Maab) “Can you show me what he is reading in the book?” The image whirls around to show from behind Oslea towards the pages in the book. There are hand gestures and text in a language no one knows. It is definitely a spell book. (Maab) “How long ago was the other mirror broken?” (Mirror) “10 weeks ago. When the last group was defeated.” (Solaire) “Last group? How many groups have been here and how long ago?” (Mirror) “You are the 5th group here. Every 3 months past going back 15 months. There was another group attempting to defeat the queen. I will say. Your group is the largest and most equipped to make it to the castle. The others died horribly. The queens screams drove the 2nd group mad. They all fell to the ground at her feet. Never reaching her.” (Carter) “And what happened to the rest of these groups?” (Mirror) “They all were turned into undead servants of the queen.” (Finntran) “All of them?” (Mirror) “All of them.” (Arturas) “At least we have her magical weapons to defeat her.” (Mirror) “She knows you are in this room. She can feel you. Besides, you can not take her pretty things. She will fly into a rage.” (Arturas) “What?” (Maab) “You can show her we did not take anything.” (Mirror) “I can not lie to her. She will destroy me. Please don’t let her destroy me. Take me away from here when you leave. If you leave. Look, she now summons her minions to her.” The image shows 7 wights all kneeling in front of the queen at her thrown. (Sai) “Awe Frick, that does not look good!”



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