The Purge of the Elf Queen Elori

Good Morning Sunshine

Episode 11-30-2016

March 21 – Arturas rallies everyone in the group to move the heavily armored fighter types towards the front and outer edges of the group. All the lightly armored and no armor people are ushered behind for support and spells. Nazgil Oslea’s ominous form is near the castle double door entrance. There are also 5 Specters floating around on either side of him. None of them needed the doors they are near. They all non-corporeal materialized through the doors. They slowly drift towards the group. The group cautiously moves towards them. In a ghoastly voice. (Oslea) “OUT, OUT.! GET OUT.!” Arturas defiantly stands tall at the front of the group. Oslea casts a fireball at the group. Arturas’s Aura of protection allows the group to not take too much damage from it. Both group slowly get closer to each other. Nazgil Oslea next casts a large misty grey hand that reaches forward towards the group. The hand is ominous and large. It is about 6’- in diameter. Solaire casts a Dispell Magic on it. It dissipates before it can get within 20’- of the group. A haste spell is put upon Alston. With now his super speed. The gnome springs into action and his sword is a blur amongst the Specters. Tummil, Moricai and Pomnick work on casting Greater Invisibility on each person in the group. The group concentrates their attacks on the Specters. Maab pulls out the sunbeam scroll from her pack that she had been saving. She is centered in all the commotion. She reads the spell aloud. As the last word is spoken. The scroll disintegrates and a searing bright beam of light shines forth from her outstretched hands. The beam is only 50’- long and falls short of the target. So she moves forward towards the Specters. Sai and Sila use some of the remaining magical arrows they have against the specters. Finntran uses his scorching rays on the Nazgil. It seems to have only minor effect.

Back in the meeting room. Woolf Caller spends the entire time keeping Ulfgar from running into the middle of the fray with the Nazgil. Ulfgar is scared and shaking. (Ulfgar) “But, but, I should be helping them.” (Wolf Caller) “You know what happened when you confronted the other Nazgil in Curragh. You were almost killed. Let those heavily armored fools take care of them.” (Ulfgar) “Yes, but I feel guilty leaving them to possibly die.” (Wolf Caller) “We will leave them when we get the chance.” (Ulfgar) “But, what of my Queen? She is so close. Close enough I can feel her.” (Wolf Caller) “She is not close. You are just imagining that. Relax, we will slip away from these fools when they take time to rest or if they have us split up. We will go off and search by ourselves. Slip out of the castle and fly back to the coven. Once there, they will help you heal.” Corbin is standing at the double door to the room. He hears Wolf Caller and Ulfgar conversing in a strange language. (Corbin) “I don’t trust that Wolf Druid. He is being very secretive with Ulfgar.” Corbin move to just outside the double doors and stands near Freezeia. She is casting a detection spell with her eyes closed and hands outstretched.

Down the hall. Carter, Arturas, Alston, Ursa are all in the thick, battling the Specters and the Nazgil. Maab’s sunbeam is tearing the Specters apart. The Nazgil and 1 Specter drift through a wall and disappear from sight. Carter Follows through the adjacent door in that wall. He confronts the Specter on the other side and dispatches it in only 2 blows. Nazgil Oslea extends his hands towards Carter and casts a Thunderwave spell at him. The sound is deafening. The spell throws Carter back out into the hallway. He expertly lands on his feet in a slight crouch. The door is blown off its hinges and is thrown into the hallway as well. Arturas tries to pursue the Nazgil and enters the room. Oslea retreats again through the far wall. (Atruras) “Frick that Wrath.” He returns to the hallway to help defeat the last of the Specters.

At the balcony above the 2 curved stairs. Unbeknownst to everyone. The Wight has returned to the high vantage point. He fires 2 arrows into Finntran’s left side. Finntran staggers over to Solaire who is healing Carter. Maab swings the Sunbeam around and hits the Wight. The Wight drops his bow to shield his eyes from the beam. Several people shoot spells and arrows at the Wight until it falls destroyed.

Solaire carefully removes the 2 arrows from Finntran’s side and heals his wounds. The Hobbit is grateful to the Cleric for his skill. As the last of the Specters are dispatched, Morden points out the hoard of Skeletons and Zombies entering the castle through the main double doors at the far end of the hallway. The fighters of the group rush down the hall to confront the Skeletons and Zombies. Once they are dispatched. They also will lock and bar the double doors. Maab has since swung the sunbeam around and is slowly moving down the hall towards the hoards at the doors. Nozgil Oslea materialize through the wall behind Maab. Maab is invisible but the sunbeam spell radiating from her hands gives her position away. Oslea grabs her with both of his corporeal hands. Maab’s blood curdling scream shocks everyone. Maab falls to the floor dead. Oslea retreats through the opposite wall as fast as he appeared. Solaire quickly rushes to her in seconds. A spare the dying spell and a cure wound spell quickly spares her from the eerie clutches of death. Cradled in Solaire’s arms. Maab, still in a daze. Opens her sleepy eyes and sees his worried face above her. In a soft raspy voice. (Maab) “Good morning sunshine, my love.” Solaire smiles at her. Thankful that he was quick enough to save her. Then he thinks to himself (Solaire) “Bess is the only one that called me sunshine?”



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