The Purge of the Elf Queen Elori

Now We Sit And Wait

Episode 10-5-2016

March 15 – 2 bells past midnight – The group is all standing around trying to figure out what to do with the 12" silver electricity ring. Arturas from his wound by the Specter sits down and Bertram helps him remove some of his armor. (Alston) “What can we put it in that does not give off an electric shock?” (Maab) “I have an extra sack.” She hands over the sack. Discussion goes around for another half hour and they hang the ring in the sack on a tree branch. Most of the group tries to get back to sleep.

Morning arrives with clouds and a steady drizzle. Hot coco with cinnamon warms everyone with a breakfast of pan biscuits and bacon. Sai and Finntran go over the map and decide to continue to follow the river Northerly until they can turn West towards Mount Slera. After breakfast, camp is packed. Still no one knows what to do with the silver ring. They Decide to hide it. Alston picks up a large boulder and drops it on top of it. The resulting electrical charge through the ground in all directions knocks him on his rear end and his feet tingle for a few minuets. (Alston) “Well at least it is hidden.” After he recovers, the group continues North. After an hour they can see the elvish town of Enderyn across the river to the East. Travel in the low hills West of the Javen River is slow. At several points it becomes steep and treacherous. Sai stops the group to go ahead to find a better path. She needs to do this several times to find a suitable path. By sundown they find a fairly level spot to pitch camp. Bill makes a dinner of strips of beef in a warm broth with mulled wine. (Carter) “Maybe we should not have left the silver ring back there?” (Solaire) “And how were we suppose to carry it without getting shocked?” (Carter) “I don’t know, but my inner chi tells me we were missing something about it.” Watches are set. The group lets Arturas sleep the night to regain his strength from last nights bout with the Specter. The drizzle stops and the night passes uneventful.

March 16 – Another morning of chilly, cloudy drizzle. Even the hot java does not take the chill out of everyone. After a lite breakfast of toast, jam and bacon. The group breaks camp and continues on their journey. They follow the river North until it makes a wide curve to the West. At this point Sai treks the group across some low hills in a Westerly path. After several hours they can see the dead city of Mithrond about 5 miles to the North. As they continue West they can see what looks like a roadway that runs from Mithrond towards Mount Slera. When they reach the roadway. Sai admits she is not sure of the tracks that are abundant on it. She assumes that the tracks are a mix of different types of undead. It is almost sundown and the group decides to look for a spot off the road to camp. They decide to move up into the low hills to the Southeast of the road. After 45 minuets they find a small box canyon that they can be hidden and only need to defend from 1 side if they are attacked. This leaves them no other escape route but the security of being hidden outweighs the latter. (Finntran) “I am not sure we can make a fire. It may be spotted and give our location.” (Bill) “I can build a rock and clay oven that will dissipate the smoke in several directions. It will take Ted and I a few hours.” (Alston) “Oh yes, warm food will be a must. Build it.” In the mean time dinner consists of hard biscuits, dried meat and wine. Alston is not happy but lets it slide. Since the 2 men are working diligently on the stove / oven. Watches are set. As the evening passes. Around 1 hour before midnight Carter, who is on watch. He hears movement. Because of the canyon they are in. The sound echos. He can tell it is not close or getting any closer. After midnight it subsides. He informs Maab when it is her watch. The rest of the night passes uneventful.

March 17 – It is a partly cloudy and chilly morning. Solaire and Arturas greet the Eastern morning sun. Bills oven is working and he bakes some fresh bread with meat and cheese in it for breakfast. A warm coco – java mix to wash it down. At breakfast the group discusses what they each want to accomplish. Alston will send his hawk in an outward circle search pattern to see if any of the other groups have made it this far. Especially the Heroes of Ulek and Ulfgar. Most of the group will go to what is Mount Slera. It is not a large mount. Compared to some of the other mountains in the area. Leaving camp and heading towards the mount. They find what is left of a desolate mountain village. Leading up to where the castle should be. There are what is left of pillars along the winding roadway. The village seems to be abandoned and in severe decay for well over 1000 years. (Finntran) “Everything is dead here.” They reach the mount at a little before 10 bells. The mount is not steep. They find nothing other then dirt, rock and dead plants. (Arturas) “Has anyone noticed. There are no birds. No rats or any other small animals anywhere within eye sight?” The rest of the party looks around an agrees with him. Alston’s hawk returns periodically. Alston can telepathically see what the hawk familiar has seen. Just past the 5 mile radius it spots the Heros of Ulek. They are traversing the mountain path North from the dead city of Curragh to Mount Slera. They are all on foot and Ulfgar is with them. They should get to the mount in a little over 2-1/2 to 3 hours. The group retreats to their box canyon and Alston has his hawk continue the search pattern. Just before sundown the hawk spots Ulfgar’s group on a small plateau overlooking Mount Slera. They have made camp to await Elori. Ted has cooked the last of the fresh chicken in a white wine sauce for dinner. Alston’s spare hat that he is using is not as big or flamboyant as the one that got burned, but it will have to do until they return to any one of the cities and he buys a new one. Around 1 hour after dark. The group hears movement. They all move to look from a high vantage point towards the roadway. They can see hundreds of bodies and shadows moving along the road from Mithrond to Mount Slera. From the distance they are from the road and the lack of moonlight. They can only make out shapes in the dark. There are hundreds of them. They travel from Mithrond to Mount Slera. The movement covers the mound. After a while they slowly return back up the road to Mithrond. This makes the group uneasy. Sleep is difficult for everyone. Watches are on extra alert. Night passes with little sleep.

March 18 – The morning is partly cloudy and not as cold as the previous day. After a warm breakfast. The group goes down to examine the tracks on the roadway. (Sai) “I can only assume that the tracks are some form of undead. I have never seen tracks like this. Alston’s hawk is again flying the outward circle search pattern. Periodically returning to him to give him an update on what it sees. It confirms that the other group is still camped on the plateau. Overlooking the mound and the road to Mithrond. On the hawks last pass at a little over 5 miles to the North. It sees a group of 4 robed figures riding horses. They are traversing the same path that the group took. (Alston) “I think the Wonder 4 wizards have arrived.” (Arturas) “We must persuade this group to join with us. We lack any spell casters. No offence my Hobbit friend but your ability is only set in fire.” Finntran just scowls at the comment. (Solaire) “If we are to persuade these wizards. Who amongst us has the ability?” (Maab) “I will persuade them. One way or another.” (Finntran quietly to Maab) “How will you do that?” (Maab) “Don’t know yet. I will just wing it.” Finntran rolls his eyes and looks more unsure then before. The group heads North East towards the 4 wizards. Alston looks to the mountain with the plateau to the south. (Alston) “You all know we are most likely being watched by the other group up there.” (Solaire) “They will eventually see the logic in us joining forces.” (Alston) “You are expecting allot of common sense out of Ulfgar that I don’t think he has anymore.” (Solaire) “Maybe Corbin will see the folly of Ulfgar’s plan. Possibly one of his wild mood swings will persuade them to abandon the insane druid .” The group meets up with the 4 wizards on the roadway. Each of the wizards are very different. (Moricai) “Greetings to you all. I see you made it to Mount Slera without too much trouble.” Small talk is made and everyone is introduced in the group. Moricai then introduces his 3 other compatriots. Tummil is a blond haired human male in blue and brown robes. He carries a large staff with runes on it. Freezeia is a dark haired human female in white and red robes. She has a very large leather bound book hanging from her saddle. Pomnick is a dark haired human male in green and gold robes. He wares a gold circlet on his head. Moricai is a short blond haired male human in grey robes with runes and pockets all over it. He also carries a gnarled wood staff and a very ornate gold dagger. Maab leans forward and in her most subtle and most persuading voice. Lays out their plan and outlines the need to join as many of the rival groups together. There are only a few questions from Moricai and Tummil on what each group brings to the merger. Finntran marvels at how very persuasive Maab can be. The wizards discuss amongst themselves for a moment. (Tummil) “You are very persuasive in your argument Maab. Weighing the options and possible outcomes. We think the merger will be to everyone’s best interests. (Alston) “Very Good. Let us toast this merger at our camp. I have plenty of wine for all.” This brings a smile to Pomnick’s face. They all ride towards the hidden camp in the box canyon. Along the way everyone relays some information at to what each party member knows. It becomes apparent that when the 20th arrives. There is a spreading darkness outward from the queens castle. A darkness so thick that at high noon it appears to be dusk. Arturas relays to the wizards about the hoard of undead that nightly comes down from Mithrond to the mound that is Mount Slera. (Freezeia) “My visions have told me of the Nazgil’s presence in that city. It will be difficult to defeat it, if it already has hoards of other undead at its disposal.” They reach the hidden camp by late afternoon. Bill is already cooking for dinner. Sausage in a white wine sauce with cinnamon bread.” (Pomnick) “Very nice camp you have here. All the comforts of home. Where can I set up our tent?” (Alston) “How big is it? It cant be large. You have no pack horse.” He points to a spot past his and Arturas’s tent. Pomnick dismounts and walks over to the spot. He reaches into his satchel and pulls out a 6" square of what looks like paper. He begins to unfold it into an ever growing larger piece. When it gets to about 6’- square. He grabs 1 side of the square and with 2 hands shakes the paper up and down quickly. He lets go and the paper expands and converts into a 6 person tent with poles attached. It stands just a little bit larger then Arturas’s tent. It requires no ropes to stand. Alston is highly impressed. (Alston to Solaire) “We need one of those. I wonder if it packs up as easy?”



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