The Purge of the Elf Queen Elori

Find A Way In

Episode 11-2-2016

March 20 – 3 bells in the AM. Everyone is still in shock from the earthquake. Even though they were expecting something to happen. The entire group is still rattled. Arturas situates people to re-raise the tents. This takes a good 20 minuets. As they finish, the Dwarves are rearing to go attack the undead and or the castle. It takes everyone to calm the dwarves down. (Arturas) “We need to attempt to get sleep for the rest of the night.” Double watches are set and other then the eerie sound of the undead walking out on the roadway. The rest of the night passes uneventful.

Morning arrives, if you could call it morning. There is a perpetual darkness emanating from the castle. The light is only as if it were slightly after dusk. Bill has 2 large pots of java warmed up and plenty of biscuits prepared. Breakfast brings a full group discussion on how to get into the castle. Pomnick’s teleportation scroll was already used to retrieve the electricity ring. The wizards only have enough fly spells for 8 people. (Alston) “Do we attempt to sneak in or fight our way into the castle?” (Ornik) “There is a story of an underground river that supposedly goes under the castle.” (Solaire) “Underground aquifers produce limestone deposits. If we find a deposit. We may find a hidden way into the castle.” (Finntran) “My maps do not show any rivers in this area or mineral deposits.” (Arturas to the dwarves) “Do you think you can find the underground river?” (Omnan) “If there is a cave entrance near here. We will find it.” The dwarves take the last of the biscuits. Split up into 5 groups of 2 and go in search of the caves. They fan out in a North, East and South direction. Since West of them sits the castle and the hoards of undead. (Sai) “ I can see something floating above the hoards. It is several miles up the road to Mithron. It is moving very slowly towards the castle.” (Moricai) “That would probably be nazgil Osela.” (Pomnick) “Then time is of the essence. If Osela gets to the castle. Then we will have that much more problem getting in. Alston’s hawk returns and shows him there is a single Dwarf covered in furs out on the path they took from Hochovle. Arturas and Bertran ride out to meet the dwarf. They meet up with Wolfcaller about 3 miles from camp. (Arturas) “Good day. Are you also here to battle the queen Elori?” (Wolfcaller) “I am here to find and assess the Druid Ulfgar and his motives.” (Arturas) “Ulfgar is presently in our camp. I can take you to him. We can get there faster if you ride with us.” (Wolfcalled) “No need, just lead the way and I will keep up.” Wolfcaller transforms into a very large puma. Arturas, after a moment of shock. Heads back to camp with the puma following close behind.

When they arrive back at camp. Wolfcaller transforms back into himself. Solaire recognizes the dwarf that they met in Hochoch. He shows him to where Ulfgar is sleeping. They awaken him. Ulfgar is confused as to where he is. Solaire informs him of what has transpired and where he is. Ulfgar and Wolfcaller converse in an unknown language for a few minuets. When they rejoin the group they speak common. (Solaire) “Ulfgar, you were repeating a spell in your dazed state.” (Ulfgar) “Yes, the polymorph spell, but I can not remember 1 component. Holly sprig, camomile, iron dust. I can not remember the last component.” (Solaire) “Who knows this spell, anyone?” Everyone of the wizards shakes their head no. Solaire decides to send a single message to Kora. To see if she knows the missing component. She is the wizard that was scrying on the nazgil back in Hochovle. His reply back from her is. Holly sprig, camomile, iron dust and something that the recipient of the spell will turn into. (Alston) “What can we use to turn her back into an elf?” (Tummil) “Elf blood will work probably the best.” Everyone turns to look at Sai. Sai sees the group staring at her. (Sai) “What? What did I miss?” (Solaire) “We need a vile of your blood.” (Sai) “Wait, No, why? What is so special with my blood?” (Finntran) “You are a female elf. Just the thing to turn Elori back into.” (Maab) “Here, I have an empty vial.” she hands the vial to Solaire. (Solaire) “Hold still Sai, this will not hurt at all.” Sai closes her eyes and holds her wrist out. Solaire puts a minor cut to a vein in Sai’s right wrist and fills the vial with her blood. He then heals the cut for her. (Solaire) “Good as new. Not even a scar. Someone please hold onto this vial.” Maab stores the vial in her backpack. After another hour of discussion and no word back from the dwarves. Discussion turns to getting to other ways to get to the gates in the castle. The heroes of Ulek are the only ones that do not have horses. (Finntran) “There are 2 extra pack horses.” (Maab) “Sila can ride with me.” Corbin will need a horse by himself and Morden and Ursa can ride the last horse together. Ulfgar and Wolfcaller will transform and fly over the undead. Bertram will stay behind to guard Bill, Ted and the camp. Arturas places a Bless spell upon Bertram to aid him if anything happens. (Arturas to Bertram) “Protect Bill and Ted. If the camp is over run. Fall back towards the river and or Hochovle.” (Bertram) “Yes Sir. I will not let you down.”

The group mounts up. Readies their weapons and heads out of the box canyon, toward the castle. The group moves slowly hugging the low hills moving West so as not to draw attention to themselves. They are able to get to within 60 yards of the roadway before any of the undead notice them. They pick up speed and head into the throes of bodies on the road. Soon they are all surrounded and everyone is taking damage. They are hacking, slashing, shooting, burning or blasting so many zombies and skeletons that everyone has lost count. They slowly advance up the roadway. Finntran uses his 2 scrolls of protection from evil. Arturas also radiates protection from evil. The bodies keep coming. Hundreds are dispatched, but thousands more take their place. Corbin falls from his horse and fights his way back onto it to continue. It takes the group almost 2 hours of strenuous fighting to reach the oversized double doors to the castle. They are locked. Podnick casts a knock spell to open them. The grope pours through the now open doors and closes them behind. The few zombies that get through the doors are slaughtered quickly. There is no visible lock on the inside, so Arturas spikes the doors shut. They find themselves in a large vaulted entry hall. While everyone catches their breath. They notice a fireplace across the room to the left is lit. There are torches lit along the hallway ahead and the castle seems warm and inviting. There is no dust or debris anywhere. Like the castle is not over 2000 years old. (Alston) “Wow, I could live here.” Carter being Carter goes off to the left by himself through a door. It opens to a slanted hallway that turns to the right. Alston sends his hawk ahead from the entry hall. The hall extends to an open tower in the center with a curved stairway to the right and left. There are double doors under each stair. The group moves forward. All except the heroes of Ulek. They stay in the entry hall. Carter rounds the bend to the right and right again. He ends up in a banquet room with place settings for 30 people for dinner. Like they are waiting for guests to show up. He turns to the right to find 2 doors in an alcove. The door to the right opens into an office salon. No one is in this room. He next opens the door to the left. Just as he pokes his head in. He is grabbed by several boney hands that bite into his flesh. Carter spins away from the undead grasps and runs back the way he came. Through the door, back into the entry hall. The group moves into the narrower hallway and comes to the open area with the curved stairs on either side. While everyone is looking around. An arrow flies down from the balcony and hits Alston. Everyone runs for cover under the 2 curved stairways. As Alston attempts to use a mirror to peak out and cast a magic missile spell. He is hit by another arrow. He can now see that it is a wight shooting at him from the upper balcony. Just then 20 skeletons come down both of the curved stairs. Arturas takes his heavy crossbow and fires a bolt at the wight. It hits the wight in his left side. It looks at the bolt stuck in its side. Grabs it with his boney hand and the bolt disintegrates. (Alston) “Oh Frick. Now I think we are in trouble.”



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