The Purge of the Elf Queen Elori

At Least the Couches Are Comfortable

Episode 11-16-2016

March 20 – The wight moves to the edge of the balcony. The 7 skeletons on the 2 curved stairs have all come down to the open ares. Finntran wells up a fireball and sends it at the skeletons. Several are destroyed instantly. The rest of the group attacks. Finntran next places a haste spell on Alston. His sword becomes a blur. Arturas attacks. Maab fires her witch bolt. As the wight slowly comes down the stairs. It fires 2 arrows. 1 of them hits Solaire high on his right leg in the femoral artery. He is in severe pain and is bleeding heavy. To gain cover and to allow the group to retreat out of the wights arrows. Arturas pushes open the double doors underneath the right curved stairway. He soon discovers there are several zombies inside this large room. As the group filters into the room. The zombies attack. It takes several rounds to dispatch the zombies. Alston, in his blur, sees the group retreating. He falls back to the double doors. Arturas closes 1 of the doors. Once the group is all in the room. Solaire closes the second door. He uses his 3 spiked ball morning star to chain the doors closed. He puts the handle through the 2 door handles. Pulls till the balls are stuck on 1 side. Then he threads the handle around and through again. The doors are chained very tight. The zombies in the room are soon dispatched by the group in there.

Meanwhile, by the castle entrance. Carter has been moving up the hallway. As he reaches the open area by the curved stairs he expertly dodges 2 arrows shot from the wights bow. Carter has to deal with a skeleton before he can reach the wight. Out of the corner of his eyes he sees the group close the double doors. He easily dispatches the skeleton. The wight draws his sword and swiftly moves in on his prey.

In the meeting room. Finntran notices there are no other doors to get out. (Finntran) “We are trapped in here.!” Solaire is attempting to remove the arrow and stop the loss of heavily flowing blood. Once the arrow is removed. Arturas heals him with a Lay of Hands. Maab takes in the surroundings of the room. There is a long rectangular table with cushion chairs. A circular table also with cushion chairs. A 12’- long couch. The fireplace on the far side, is lit. There is a stack of wood piled near it. Maab lays down on the couch breathing heavy from the excitement. The group assesses their damage while Arturas angrily attempts to unlock the doors.

Carter uses his electro blast from the ring around his neck on the wight. It has little effect on it. The wight comes down the stairs and with his sword cuts deep into Carter twice. Carter reals back. The wight then sees Arturas open the double door to its right. The wight retreats back up the stairs past 1 of the last 2 remaining skeletons now coming down the curved stairs. Carter and Arturas attempt to follow but the skeleton formidably delays them. Finntran attempts to use his jump belt to jump high enough to cast scorching rays at the fleeing wight. When he jumps up he is off balance and his shots go wild. The rays blast some of the marble facade and it falls to the floor. Finntran safely lands on his feet.

Unbeknownst to the group. The rest of the party that are down the hall by the entrance are battling several zombies of their own. These were the 9 zombies that followed Carter when he opened the door to the guard barracks room and ran back. They all are soon dispatched with no one getting hurt.

By the time the 2 skeletons are destroyed. The wight has retreated upstairs and is out of sight. Carter quickly pursues it but losses it past the upper balcony. He returns to the 1st floor. The remaining group is called forward up the hall to the open area. They bring the horses and everyone fits into the large meeting room with the double doors. Solaire again bars the door with his morning star. After some quick discussion. They all decide that they need rest to regain strength for spells and to heal. Watches are set. All there is to eat is dried meat and wine. Finntran tries warming the meet by the fireplace with a long stick. Maab and Carter discuss the scroll that Maab has. Carter can transcribe the scroll without triggering the spell contained. He does this for 4 hours but needs 4 more hours to rest. The group is mainly quiet and gets as much rest as possible.

March 21 – After everyone is rested. They eat a lite breakfast. Sai and Silla feed the horses. Not hearing any movement outsid the double doors. Solaire decides to unchain the doors. Arturas is at the ready with his sword drawn. The doors are opened and there is no skeleton bodies anywhere. As they exit into the open hallway, it is eerily quiet. (Freezia) “I can feel Elori. She is a few floors above us. Wait, there is another presence I feel. OH NO! Oslea is here!” As the group looks down the long hallway towards the entrance. They see Nazgil Oslea materialize through the double doors. Nazgil Oslea is a large black ghostly figure with eyes of fire. (Alston) “OH BOY, that’s not good.” Along with Oslea, several specters materialize through the double doors on either side of him. (Arturas) “You said it Alston. This does not look good at all.”



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