The Purge of the Elf Queen Elori

Queen Elori
Episode 1-25-2017

March 22 – Furgan and the rest of the Dwarves. After only a few hours, find the hidden entrance to the underground river. When they trek back to where the camp is in the box canyon. They only find Podrick, Arturas’s squire, Bill and Ted. (Podrick) “I’m sorry guys, the group has already left and fought their way into the castle through the front entrance. They left not soon after you.” (Mundas) “They are trying to gather all the glory and treasure for themselves.” The dwarves look at the huge hoards of undead swarming the castle. They decide the best way in to be the underground river that they found. They head back to the cave that the river entrance is in. Along the way they find 3 large logs to bring with them to make a raft. At the river, they quickly make a raft and float down the river towards the castle. After about 2 hours of travel down the slow moving river. Mundas spots a beach with a dock and a row boat. They paddle over to the dock and all go ashore. Beyond the dock there is a stone stairway leading up. After drying themselves off. They climb the stairway. At the top of the stairs they enter a dimly lit castle chamber. Dwarves are prone to not being stealthy. They soon attract the attention of several zombies that are across the chamber. Furgan steps forward. He waves his Clerical holy symbol and 4 of the 8 zombies drop to dust. The other 4 attack the dwarves. Unnoticed by the dwarves, in the far corner of the chamber stands a Wight. As the dwarves vanquish the zombies. The Wight slowly draws an arrow in his bow. He lets it fly and quickly draws and fires a second arrow. Mundas is hit by both arrows. The dwarves seeing this, all attack. The wight switches to his deadly sword. After several of the dwarves brutal attacks hit home. The wight, now weakened and severely outnumbered. Attempts to flee past the dwarves up the stairs to the main part of the castle. Furgan casts a Sacred Flame spell as the wight reaches the steps. It falls to the ground burning and does not move. The dwarves explore the chamber behind the cage bars where the zombies and wight came from. It is a torture chamber and there are dead bodies all throughout the room. The dwarves take down all the bodies and lay them on the ground. Furgan says a short prayer over them. The dwarves can not get past another locked gate that looks like it leads to a cell block. (Omnick) “Hello, anybody in there?” There is no answer. The dwarves proceed up the stairs past the flaming body of the wight. At the top of the stairs there is a door. It opens into the main part of the castle. There are 2 empty hallways at a 90 degrees to each other. Mundas points down the hallway to the right. (Sabin) “Why that way?” (Mundas) “My right hand faces that way so it must be the right one.” No one questions that logic. As they travel down the hallway. They hear horses. No one can figure where the sound is coming from. They continue as the hallway zig zags and ends at 2 doors. (Sabin) “So I assume we take the door on the right?” This door leads them into the vaulted entrance way. There is a large wooden table sitting off to the side of the double doors. Tabin is the first to notice the edges of the double doors are glowing with a faint green glow. They all can hear the scratching, pounding and moaning of the undead on the far side. They start heading the other way up the great hall.

In the treasure room. Arturas is examining the jewel encrusted great sword. (Maab) “You do know we cant take anything out of this room.” (Arturas) “What, Why?” (Maab) “The mirror says that Elori will know if we take anything out of here.” (Finnttran) “Ah, Ah Guys, there someone coming. Like a lot of someone coming up the hall.” Before anyone could reach the doors to close them. The dwarves tromp into the open area with the 2 curved stairways. The dwarves see the rest of the group handling the treasure. They run into the room and start grabbing gems, silver, jeweled items and stuffing them in their pouches. 1 of the dwarves is trying to stuff a silver platter down his trousers. (Maab) “Stop, stop taking things.” All the dwarves stop and turn towards Maab. (Maab) “Elori will know if anything leaves her precious trophy room.” (Sabin) “We cant take anything? Not even these tiny gems? She wont miss them.” The look that Maab gives them. The dwarves all start throwing what they took, back on the tables. Suddenly Solaire and Alston see Ulfgar break into a run out of the room. Wolfcaller is following him. They both run up the curved stairs. Carter pushes past the dwarves and breaks into a run after the 2 druids. By the time Carter gets to the top of the stairs. They are both gone. The rest of the group follows up to the 2nd floor. There is another stairway going up, across the hall. The group goes up to the 3rd floor. Nazgil Oslea is 35 yards away. Hovering on the opposite side of the opening to the lower 2nd and 1st floor. His visage alone causes everyone to real back from the horror. The dwarves retreat back down the stairs. They wonder why everyone else is not following them. Nazgil Oslea casts a spell at the group. A large fire elemental appears in the midst of the group. The group scatters and the fighters attack. The heat from the fire elemental is intense. Alston’s spare hat catches fire. Anyone in metal armor feels like they are in an oven. Carter suppresses the pain in his hands to hit the monster. It take the whole group several rounds to defeat the elemental. The group proceeds to catch their breath. Carter, not wanting the Nazgil to cast another spell to delay them. Dashes towards the Nazgil. Everyone sees Carter running. They push themselves to follow him and engage the vile apparition. The fighting is fast and intense. Oslea attempts to grab at anyone in the group. His hand rakes Arturas’s left arm. He continues to fight through the pain. Oslea unleashes a lightning bolt at the group, but it is way too late. The onslaught from the group is too much and Oslea’s ghostly form dissolves after Arturas’s magical great sword swings through it. (Carter) “Is he defeated or did he escape?” (Arturas) “I think he is defeated.” (Solaire) “I did not see him move through a wall. I believe he is gone. Gone for good. Praise Pelor.” The group tends to their wounds. The dwarves, not hearing any more fighting up the stairs. Climb back up the stairs to investigate. The group gives the dwarves a look of disappointment. Furgan just shrugs it off.

After some minor bandaging. The group continues up the stairs to the 4th level. The stair ends in a hallway. They make a right. Go down a short 30’- hall way and enter a very large circular tower that is over the open area. The circular tower is about 100’- diameter. The open area goes all the way down to the 1st floor and up 2 more floors. There is a circular stair along the outer wall. It goes upward in a counter clockwise direction. On a platform jutting into the center. About 10’- below where the group entered the tower. Sits what looks like the magic mirror facing away from the group. Maab slowly steps up the stairway. The group follows in a cautious manner. As she gets around so she can see the mirror. She sees the harlequin face in the mirror. It looks worried. It sees her and mouths the words “HELP ME.” At this point everyone hears in a shrill voice echoing throughout the tower. (Elori) “Come to me pretty little girl. Come let me gaze upon your pretty elvish face.” Maab, becomes enthralled and glassy eyed in a trance like state. (Maab) “Yes Queen, I will come to you.” She starts walking up the stairs. Carter being the quickest, rushes to her and holds her from continuing. (Elori) “Your friends hold you back. Come to me child.” Maab tries to brake free, but Carter holds he firm. Fergan casts a short spell upon Maab to break her out of the trance. (Maab) “Carter, why are you holding me?” (Carter) “So you don’t walk up stairs enthralled by her.” The shrill voice again. (Elori) “I know you are all down there. Come to me and my pet.” The group slowly moves up the stairway. The 2 floors up to a platform with a railing. Queen Elori is floating upon a raised dias. Ulfgar is in a trance like state and is standing to her right. There are 2 wights standing behind Elori to either side. When the group gets to the top of the stairs. The wights move forward to protect their queen. Wolfcaller’s body lies on the floor dead. He is bleeding from what is left of his face. (Elori) “It’s a pity you all will die soon.” As the group readies to attack. Elori Screams a most horrendous scream. Everyone covers their ears, but the sound makes everyone’s bones tremble. Finntran, Alston, Maab, Sai, Podnick and 3 of the dwarves drop to the floor convulsing. When the scream finally ends. Those that are left standing. Muster the energy to attack. Furgan, Farther down the stairs. Casts a Healing Word spell upon some of the fallen that he can see on the stairs. Arturas gets up from his 1 knee. Charges forward and casts misty step. He appears to Elori’s left side. Swinging his magical great sword and casting Thunderous Smite to hit her hard. The Smite sends her apparition body floating out over the edge of the railing. She is floating in the open area. Out of reach of anyone in the party on the platform. Solaire sees ulfgar turn to attack Carter. Solaire charges forward and pushes Ulfgar over the edge of the railing. He then backs up. Seeing his friends withering on the floor. He casts Healing Word upon those that are still fallen. Carter attacks one of the wights. Arturas attacks the other wight. Maab puts on her ring of smoke form. Now in the shadowy grey smoke form. She can see Elori, Not as a Non-corporal hag but as an old elf woman. Maab attempts to lure Elori closer to Alston and the rest of the group. Elori can feel the elvish maiden beauty of Maab. Even through the mask of the smoke form. Elori moves closer to Maab to shred her beautiful face. Maab tries casting Burning Hands at Elori. The spell works and amazes her. Solaire uses the Crusaders Mantle Scroll to aid the party. Carter, Arturas, Alston and Solaire are in the flurry of attacks on the wights. Back and forth. Soon both of the wights are destroyed. Elori is in a rage. She drifts forward, clawing at Maab with sharp skeletal fingers. Solaire, being the closest to Maab. Swings his morning star at Elori. As the glowing magic weapon goes through the queen. The ghostly form shrieks and dissipates into nothing. The queen is no more. The 2 bodies of the wights on the floor turn to dust. The group looks around. Still expecting her to reappear. The only sound heard is the heavy breathing of everyone in the group that was fighting.

Jackpot, Wait, What?
Episode 1-11-2017

March 21 – Solaire helps Maab to sit up and lean against the wall in the hallway. Her arms where the Nazgil grabbed her ache severely. Her fingers even tingle. The rest of the group pushes the zombies and skeletons back out the main double doors. (Arturas) “We need to bar these door better.” (Sila) “What about the heavy table in the room down the hall?” (Alston) “I will get it. I just need some help.” Arturas shakes his head no. Since he is holding the doors shut with his massive weight. Several of the group follow Alston up the hallway to the meeting room. Alston gets under the middle of the table and lifts up. Several people hold each end and direct him as Alston carries the table back down the hallway to the entrance doors. Arturas and him place the table against the doors. The hoard outside still can push the doors open. The 2 again push the doors closed. Tummil comes forward with his spell book open. (Tummil) “Wait, I have Arcane Lock. I can bar the door. As Arturas and Alston hold the table against the door. Tummil casts the spell on the door. When he is finished. The door edges have a slight green glow. Alston and Arturas release the table The door holds. They move the table away. (Tummil) “I could not think of a suitable password for us to allow us to go in or out the door, so I used the word Password in the spell as the password.” (Carter) “Where do we go next?” (Solaire) “I think rest is in order. Maab here needs to sleep. The rest of the group also needs rest and I believe some of the mages need to read. Besides, I am a little thirsty after that trying battle.” (Arturas) “Ok, then were. Back in the meeting room?” (Carter) “There are 2 bunk rooms with beds over here.” Carter shows them. The large bunk room is missing the door from when the Nazgil used the Thunderwave on Carter. He shows them the other room. The group decides the 2nd room is more secure. There are only 3 beds and 1 couch in here. Several people drag 4 more beds from the 1st room into this room. The horses are locked into the meeting room up the hall. Everybody gets the needed food and rest. The night passes uneventful.

March 22 – Maab wakes up rested and refreshed. She looks at the skin on her upper arms. The blood flow has returned and they are alive and healthy. Sai is sitting watch. She is cross-legged on the table. Everyone else is still sleeping or meditating. Sai gets up and walks over to Maab. She hands her a water skin. (Sai) “You seem better this morning.” (Maab) “I feel better this morning.” (Sai) “Too bad Ted is not here. I can really go for some of his warm honey bacon with mulled wine.” The rest of the group soon wakes up and starts to mill around. Podnick finds a water pot near the fireplace. He pulls out some tea leaves from a pouch and starts to brew some in the pot suspended in the fireplace. Everyone settles for dried meat and dried fruit for breakfast. Carter and Ursa check the door. When they open it they find the corridor empty. The group, after breakfast. Back tracks to the dual curved staircases. They check on the horses. They are eating the cushions from the couch. Ulfgar casts a spell to create food and drink. But the food he creates are 6 bails of hay and the drink is an open barrel of water. They relock the horses in the room to be safe. (Ulfgar) “That should hold them till we get back.” Finntran walks over to the other double doors under the other curved staircase. They are locked. Ursa raises her axe to smash the doors open. Maab walks up to her and holds out her lock pick. (Maab) “Easy, I can get this open.” In under 30 seconds she has the doors open. The group is in awe when the doors swing open. It is a room the direct opposite of the other. In here there are 8 huge tables 15 feet long. They are loaded with weapons, jewels, silverware, goblets, figurines, jeweled combs, armor, clothing, musical instruments, all sorts of items. All gold, silver and very ornate. Most with inlaid jewels and gems. There are several huge beautiful tapestries on the walls. There is 1 large gold framed mirror hanging on the far wall from the door. Everything in this room is the most beautiful of whatever it is. Everyone staggers into the room. 1 of the mages casts detect magic. The room lights up like a rack of candles. Alston finds a jeweled inlaid foil with a basket hilt. Arturas finds a great sword. The scabbard is gold and silver wire wrapped with sapphires the entire length. There are sapphires in the pommel and the crossbar. Maab finds several jewelry cases with rings, bracelets, necklaces, tiaras, broaches, hair pins and hat pins. She shovels all into the 5 empty sacks she has with her. Everyone is picking up items and examining them from all the tables. Alston from the corner of his eye sees something in the edge of the glass on the mirror. When he walks over to it. It does not show his reflection. Just a cloudy film. He grabs a cloak off 1 of the tables and hangs it on the mirror. They all go back to examining stuff on the tables. This time Carter notices the cloak has fallen off the mirror and there is some fluttering along the edge if the glass. Maab has filled all 5 sacks with as much of the jewels that will fit in them. She finds that she can not lift any of the sacks. They are all too heavy. In her exasperation she stands up. When she does she sees what looks like someone peeking along the edge of the mirror. Carter also notices this. They both walk over to the mirror. Carter starts tapping on it very hard. (Carter) “Hello, come out or I will smash you.” Alston and Carter take the mirror off the wall and place it on the floor. They look at it from several angles. The smokey film seems like there is depth to the mirror. Maybe 7" to 8" but the mirror frame is only 2" deep and the glass is only ½" deep. After a while, they hang it back on the wall. Maab stands off to the side of the mirror. To pass the time while watching it. She sings a slow Elvish ballad. By mid song she notices what looks like part of a face peeking around the edge of the glass at her. At the end of her song. Carter walks over to the mirror but the face disappears into the smoke. He starts tapping on the glass again. Maab shoos him away. Sai walks over to stand to Maab’s side. (Sai) “There is something in that glass. I seen it also.” Everyone in the room is now looking at Maab and Sai standing near the mirror. (Maab) “Please come out. I will not let the other one hurt you.” The face slowly appears out of the smoke. It is the face of a harlequin mask. (Mirror) “You are Elvish?” Maab and Sai are a little taken back. (Maab) “In a way, Yes.” She mindlessly combs her hair to behind her slightly pointed ear. The face turns to a reflection of Maab, but of a slightly younger more beautiful Maab and in Maab’s voice. (Mirror) “You are Elvish. Why are you here?” (Maab) “To defeat the queen.” The reflection of Maab turns to an older 175 year old more beautiful Maab. (Mirror) “You are all in danger. She knows you are her. She can feel you.” (Maab) “Then why does she not come?” (Mirror) “She will send her minions upon you.” (Sai) “Why are all these things here in this room?” The reflection turns to a very beautiful adolescent Maab. (Mirror) “These are her pretty things. She desires beauty, but not beauty in others. You are in danger from her. Your beauty will anger her.”(Maab) “That is what the mask is for.” (Mirror) “That will not help. She will know of your beauty. Especially because of the mask.” Everyone in the room slowly puts down what they were holding and moves closer to where Maab is talking to the Mirror. (Maab) “Can you show her to me?” The image in the mirror changes to a tall thrown sitting on a dias in a round room. The visage of the queen sitting there is hideous. Everyone watching is repulsed. Several people cower and turn away form the image. (Maab) “Can you show us how to get to where she is?” The images flicker to the open double stair outside this room. At the top it shows another stair across the hall. This stairway is a narrower switch back stairway that goes up 2 levels. Then a left and another left enters an open shaft with a spiral stair along the outer wall going up counter clockwise for 2 levels. On the level it entered the tower. There is an empty mirror frame in a stand. Similar to the mirror they are talking to. The images continues up the stair to the queens thrown room. Again showing the hideous form that is what is left of the queen. (Maab) “What else can you show me?” (Mirror) “Anything you wish.” (Solaire) “Show us all her minions in the castle.” The images of 8 whites flash so fast that no one could keep up or discern where they are. The last image shows Nazgil Oslea in an wizardry-alchemy room. He is flipping through a large spell book. (Maab) “Can you show me what he is reading in the book?” The image whirls around to show from behind Oslea towards the pages in the book. There are hand gestures and text in a language no one knows. It is definitely a spell book. (Maab) “How long ago was the other mirror broken?” (Mirror) “10 weeks ago. When the last group was defeated.” (Solaire) “Last group? How many groups have been here and how long ago?” (Mirror) “You are the 5th group here. Every 3 months past going back 15 months. There was another group attempting to defeat the queen. I will say. Your group is the largest and most equipped to make it to the castle. The others died horribly. The queens screams drove the 2nd group mad. They all fell to the ground at her feet. Never reaching her.” (Carter) “And what happened to the rest of these groups?” (Mirror) “They all were turned into undead servants of the queen.” (Finntran) “All of them?” (Mirror) “All of them.” (Arturas) “At least we have her magical weapons to defeat her.” (Mirror) “She knows you are in this room. She can feel you. Besides, you can not take her pretty things. She will fly into a rage.” (Arturas) “What?” (Maab) “You can show her we did not take anything.” (Mirror) “I can not lie to her. She will destroy me. Please don’t let her destroy me. Take me away from here when you leave. If you leave. Look, she now summons her minions to her.” The image shows 7 wights all kneeling in front of the queen at her thrown. (Sai) “Awe Frick, that does not look good!”

Good Morning Sunshine
Episode 11-30-2016

March 21 – Arturas rallies everyone in the group to move the heavily armored fighter types towards the front and outer edges of the group. All the lightly armored and no armor people are ushered behind for support and spells. Nazgil Oslea’s ominous form is near the castle double door entrance. There are also 5 Specters floating around on either side of him. None of them needed the doors they are near. They all non-corporeal materialized through the doors. They slowly drift towards the group. The group cautiously moves towards them. In a ghoastly voice. (Oslea) “OUT, OUT.! GET OUT.!” Arturas defiantly stands tall at the front of the group. Oslea casts a fireball at the group. Arturas’s Aura of protection allows the group to not take too much damage from it. Both group slowly get closer to each other. Nazgil Oslea next casts a large misty grey hand that reaches forward towards the group. The hand is ominous and large. It is about 6’- in diameter. Solaire casts a Dispell Magic on it. It dissipates before it can get within 20’- of the group. A haste spell is put upon Alston. With now his super speed. The gnome springs into action and his sword is a blur amongst the Specters. Tummil, Moricai and Pomnick work on casting Greater Invisibility on each person in the group. The group concentrates their attacks on the Specters. Maab pulls out the sunbeam scroll from her pack that she had been saving. She is centered in all the commotion. She reads the spell aloud. As the last word is spoken. The scroll disintegrates and a searing bright beam of light shines forth from her outstretched hands. The beam is only 50’- long and falls short of the target. So she moves forward towards the Specters. Sai and Sila use some of the remaining magical arrows they have against the specters. Finntran uses his scorching rays on the Nazgil. It seems to have only minor effect.

Back in the meeting room. Woolf Caller spends the entire time keeping Ulfgar from running into the middle of the fray with the Nazgil. Ulfgar is scared and shaking. (Ulfgar) “But, but, I should be helping them.” (Wolf Caller) “You know what happened when you confronted the other Nazgil in Curragh. You were almost killed. Let those heavily armored fools take care of them.” (Ulfgar) “Yes, but I feel guilty leaving them to possibly die.” (Wolf Caller) “We will leave them when we get the chance.” (Ulfgar) “But, what of my Queen? She is so close. Close enough I can feel her.” (Wolf Caller) “She is not close. You are just imagining that. Relax, we will slip away from these fools when they take time to rest or if they have us split up. We will go off and search by ourselves. Slip out of the castle and fly back to the coven. Once there, they will help you heal.” Corbin is standing at the double door to the room. He hears Wolf Caller and Ulfgar conversing in a strange language. (Corbin) “I don’t trust that Wolf Druid. He is being very secretive with Ulfgar.” Corbin move to just outside the double doors and stands near Freezeia. She is casting a detection spell with her eyes closed and hands outstretched.

Down the hall. Carter, Arturas, Alston, Ursa are all in the thick, battling the Specters and the Nazgil. Maab’s sunbeam is tearing the Specters apart. The Nazgil and 1 Specter drift through a wall and disappear from sight. Carter Follows through the adjacent door in that wall. He confronts the Specter on the other side and dispatches it in only 2 blows. Nazgil Oslea extends his hands towards Carter and casts a Thunderwave spell at him. The sound is deafening. The spell throws Carter back out into the hallway. He expertly lands on his feet in a slight crouch. The door is blown off its hinges and is thrown into the hallway as well. Arturas tries to pursue the Nazgil and enters the room. Oslea retreats again through the far wall. (Atruras) “Frick that Wrath.” He returns to the hallway to help defeat the last of the Specters.

At the balcony above the 2 curved stairs. Unbeknownst to everyone. The Wight has returned to the high vantage point. He fires 2 arrows into Finntran’s left side. Finntran staggers over to Solaire who is healing Carter. Maab swings the Sunbeam around and hits the Wight. The Wight drops his bow to shield his eyes from the beam. Several people shoot spells and arrows at the Wight until it falls destroyed.

Solaire carefully removes the 2 arrows from Finntran’s side and heals his wounds. The Hobbit is grateful to the Cleric for his skill. As the last of the Specters are dispatched, Morden points out the hoard of Skeletons and Zombies entering the castle through the main double doors at the far end of the hallway. The fighters of the group rush down the hall to confront the Skeletons and Zombies. Once they are dispatched. They also will lock and bar the double doors. Maab has since swung the sunbeam around and is slowly moving down the hall towards the hoards at the doors. Nozgil Oslea materialize through the wall behind Maab. Maab is invisible but the sunbeam spell radiating from her hands gives her position away. Oslea grabs her with both of his corporeal hands. Maab’s blood curdling scream shocks everyone. Maab falls to the floor dead. Oslea retreats through the opposite wall as fast as he appeared. Solaire quickly rushes to her in seconds. A spare the dying spell and a cure wound spell quickly spares her from the eerie clutches of death. Cradled in Solaire’s arms. Maab, still in a daze. Opens her sleepy eyes and sees his worried face above her. In a soft raspy voice. (Maab) “Good morning sunshine, my love.” Solaire smiles at her. Thankful that he was quick enough to save her. Then he thinks to himself (Solaire) “Bess is the only one that called me sunshine?”

At Least the Couches Are Comfortable
Episode 11-16-2016

March 20 – The wight moves to the edge of the balcony. The 7 skeletons on the 2 curved stairs have all come down to the open ares. Finntran wells up a fireball and sends it at the skeletons. Several are destroyed instantly. The rest of the group attacks. Finntran next places a haste spell on Alston. His sword becomes a blur. Arturas attacks. Maab fires her witch bolt. As the wight slowly comes down the stairs. It fires 2 arrows. 1 of them hits Solaire high on his right leg in the femoral artery. He is in severe pain and is bleeding heavy. To gain cover and to allow the group to retreat out of the wights arrows. Arturas pushes open the double doors underneath the right curved stairway. He soon discovers there are several zombies inside this large room. As the group filters into the room. The zombies attack. It takes several rounds to dispatch the zombies. Alston, in his blur, sees the group retreating. He falls back to the double doors. Arturas closes 1 of the doors. Once the group is all in the room. Solaire closes the second door. He uses his 3 spiked ball morning star to chain the doors closed. He puts the handle through the 2 door handles. Pulls till the balls are stuck on 1 side. Then he threads the handle around and through again. The doors are chained very tight. The zombies in the room are soon dispatched by the group in there.

Meanwhile, by the castle entrance. Carter has been moving up the hallway. As he reaches the open area by the curved stairs he expertly dodges 2 arrows shot from the wights bow. Carter has to deal with a skeleton before he can reach the wight. Out of the corner of his eyes he sees the group close the double doors. He easily dispatches the skeleton. The wight draws his sword and swiftly moves in on his prey.

In the meeting room. Finntran notices there are no other doors to get out. (Finntran) “We are trapped in here.!” Solaire is attempting to remove the arrow and stop the loss of heavily flowing blood. Once the arrow is removed. Arturas heals him with a Lay of Hands. Maab takes in the surroundings of the room. There is a long rectangular table with cushion chairs. A circular table also with cushion chairs. A 12’- long couch. The fireplace on the far side, is lit. There is a stack of wood piled near it. Maab lays down on the couch breathing heavy from the excitement. The group assesses their damage while Arturas angrily attempts to unlock the doors.

Carter uses his electro blast from the ring around his neck on the wight. It has little effect on it. The wight comes down the stairs and with his sword cuts deep into Carter twice. Carter reals back. The wight then sees Arturas open the double door to its right. The wight retreats back up the stairs past 1 of the last 2 remaining skeletons now coming down the curved stairs. Carter and Arturas attempt to follow but the skeleton formidably delays them. Finntran attempts to use his jump belt to jump high enough to cast scorching rays at the fleeing wight. When he jumps up he is off balance and his shots go wild. The rays blast some of the marble facade and it falls to the floor. Finntran safely lands on his feet.

Unbeknownst to the group. The rest of the party that are down the hall by the entrance are battling several zombies of their own. These were the 9 zombies that followed Carter when he opened the door to the guard barracks room and ran back. They all are soon dispatched with no one getting hurt.

By the time the 2 skeletons are destroyed. The wight has retreated upstairs and is out of sight. Carter quickly pursues it but losses it past the upper balcony. He returns to the 1st floor. The remaining group is called forward up the hall to the open area. They bring the horses and everyone fits into the large meeting room with the double doors. Solaire again bars the door with his morning star. After some quick discussion. They all decide that they need rest to regain strength for spells and to heal. Watches are set. All there is to eat is dried meat and wine. Finntran tries warming the meet by the fireplace with a long stick. Maab and Carter discuss the scroll that Maab has. Carter can transcribe the scroll without triggering the spell contained. He does this for 4 hours but needs 4 more hours to rest. The group is mainly quiet and gets as much rest as possible.

March 21 – After everyone is rested. They eat a lite breakfast. Sai and Silla feed the horses. Not hearing any movement outsid the double doors. Solaire decides to unchain the doors. Arturas is at the ready with his sword drawn. The doors are opened and there is no skeleton bodies anywhere. As they exit into the open hallway, it is eerily quiet. (Freezia) “I can feel Elori. She is a few floors above us. Wait, there is another presence I feel. OH NO! Oslea is here!” As the group looks down the long hallway towards the entrance. They see Nazgil Oslea materialize through the double doors. Nazgil Oslea is a large black ghostly figure with eyes of fire. (Alston) “OH BOY, that’s not good.” Along with Oslea, several specters materialize through the double doors on either side of him. (Arturas) “You said it Alston. This does not look good at all.”

Find A Way In
Episode 11-2-2016

March 20 – 3 bells in the AM. Everyone is still in shock from the earthquake. Even though they were expecting something to happen. The entire group is still rattled. Arturas situates people to re-raise the tents. This takes a good 20 minuets. As they finish, the Dwarves are rearing to go attack the undead and or the castle. It takes everyone to calm the dwarves down. (Arturas) “We need to attempt to get sleep for the rest of the night.” Double watches are set and other then the eerie sound of the undead walking out on the roadway. The rest of the night passes uneventful.

Morning arrives, if you could call it morning. There is a perpetual darkness emanating from the castle. The light is only as if it were slightly after dusk. Bill has 2 large pots of java warmed up and plenty of biscuits prepared. Breakfast brings a full group discussion on how to get into the castle. Pomnick’s teleportation scroll was already used to retrieve the electricity ring. The wizards only have enough fly spells for 8 people. (Alston) “Do we attempt to sneak in or fight our way into the castle?” (Ornik) “There is a story of an underground river that supposedly goes under the castle.” (Solaire) “Underground aquifers produce limestone deposits. If we find a deposit. We may find a hidden way into the castle.” (Finntran) “My maps do not show any rivers in this area or mineral deposits.” (Arturas to the dwarves) “Do you think you can find the underground river?” (Omnan) “If there is a cave entrance near here. We will find it.” The dwarves take the last of the biscuits. Split up into 5 groups of 2 and go in search of the caves. They fan out in a North, East and South direction. Since West of them sits the castle and the hoards of undead. (Sai) “ I can see something floating above the hoards. It is several miles up the road to Mithron. It is moving very slowly towards the castle.” (Moricai) “That would probably be nazgil Osela.” (Pomnick) “Then time is of the essence. If Osela gets to the castle. Then we will have that much more problem getting in. Alston’s hawk returns and shows him there is a single Dwarf covered in furs out on the path they took from Hochovle. Arturas and Bertran ride out to meet the dwarf. They meet up with Wolfcaller about 3 miles from camp. (Arturas) “Good day. Are you also here to battle the queen Elori?” (Wolfcaller) “I am here to find and assess the Druid Ulfgar and his motives.” (Arturas) “Ulfgar is presently in our camp. I can take you to him. We can get there faster if you ride with us.” (Wolfcalled) “No need, just lead the way and I will keep up.” Wolfcaller transforms into a very large puma. Arturas, after a moment of shock. Heads back to camp with the puma following close behind.

When they arrive back at camp. Wolfcaller transforms back into himself. Solaire recognizes the dwarf that they met in Hochoch. He shows him to where Ulfgar is sleeping. They awaken him. Ulfgar is confused as to where he is. Solaire informs him of what has transpired and where he is. Ulfgar and Wolfcaller converse in an unknown language for a few minuets. When they rejoin the group they speak common. (Solaire) “Ulfgar, you were repeating a spell in your dazed state.” (Ulfgar) “Yes, the polymorph spell, but I can not remember 1 component. Holly sprig, camomile, iron dust. I can not remember the last component.” (Solaire) “Who knows this spell, anyone?” Everyone of the wizards shakes their head no. Solaire decides to send a single message to Kora. To see if she knows the missing component. She is the wizard that was scrying on the nazgil back in Hochovle. His reply back from her is. Holly sprig, camomile, iron dust and something that the recipient of the spell will turn into. (Alston) “What can we use to turn her back into an elf?” (Tummil) “Elf blood will work probably the best.” Everyone turns to look at Sai. Sai sees the group staring at her. (Sai) “What? What did I miss?” (Solaire) “We need a vile of your blood.” (Sai) “Wait, No, why? What is so special with my blood?” (Finntran) “You are a female elf. Just the thing to turn Elori back into.” (Maab) “Here, I have an empty vial.” she hands the vial to Solaire. (Solaire) “Hold still Sai, this will not hurt at all.” Sai closes her eyes and holds her wrist out. Solaire puts a minor cut to a vein in Sai’s right wrist and fills the vial with her blood. He then heals the cut for her. (Solaire) “Good as new. Not even a scar. Someone please hold onto this vial.” Maab stores the vial in her backpack. After another hour of discussion and no word back from the dwarves. Discussion turns to getting to other ways to get to the gates in the castle. The heroes of Ulek are the only ones that do not have horses. (Finntran) “There are 2 extra pack horses.” (Maab) “Sila can ride with me.” Corbin will need a horse by himself and Morden and Ursa can ride the last horse together. Ulfgar and Wolfcaller will transform and fly over the undead. Bertram will stay behind to guard Bill, Ted and the camp. Arturas places a Bless spell upon Bertram to aid him if anything happens. (Arturas to Bertram) “Protect Bill and Ted. If the camp is over run. Fall back towards the river and or Hochovle.” (Bertram) “Yes Sir. I will not let you down.”

The group mounts up. Readies their weapons and heads out of the box canyon, toward the castle. The group moves slowly hugging the low hills moving West so as not to draw attention to themselves. They are able to get to within 60 yards of the roadway before any of the undead notice them. They pick up speed and head into the throes of bodies on the road. Soon they are all surrounded and everyone is taking damage. They are hacking, slashing, shooting, burning or blasting so many zombies and skeletons that everyone has lost count. They slowly advance up the roadway. Finntran uses his 2 scrolls of protection from evil. Arturas also radiates protection from evil. The bodies keep coming. Hundreds are dispatched, but thousands more take their place. Corbin falls from his horse and fights his way back onto it to continue. It takes the group almost 2 hours of strenuous fighting to reach the oversized double doors to the castle. They are locked. Podnick casts a knock spell to open them. The grope pours through the now open doors and closes them behind. The few zombies that get through the doors are slaughtered quickly. There is no visible lock on the inside, so Arturas spikes the doors shut. They find themselves in a large vaulted entry hall. While everyone catches their breath. They notice a fireplace across the room to the left is lit. There are torches lit along the hallway ahead and the castle seems warm and inviting. There is no dust or debris anywhere. Like the castle is not over 2000 years old. (Alston) “Wow, I could live here.” Carter being Carter goes off to the left by himself through a door. It opens to a slanted hallway that turns to the right. Alston sends his hawk ahead from the entry hall. The hall extends to an open tower in the center with a curved stairway to the right and left. There are double doors under each stair. The group moves forward. All except the heroes of Ulek. They stay in the entry hall. Carter rounds the bend to the right and right again. He ends up in a banquet room with place settings for 30 people for dinner. Like they are waiting for guests to show up. He turns to the right to find 2 doors in an alcove. The door to the right opens into an office salon. No one is in this room. He next opens the door to the left. Just as he pokes his head in. He is grabbed by several boney hands that bite into his flesh. Carter spins away from the undead grasps and runs back the way he came. Through the door, back into the entry hall. The group moves into the narrower hallway and comes to the open area with the curved stairs on either side. While everyone is looking around. An arrow flies down from the balcony and hits Alston. Everyone runs for cover under the 2 curved stairways. As Alston attempts to use a mirror to peak out and cast a magic missile spell. He is hit by another arrow. He can now see that it is a wight shooting at him from the upper balcony. Just then 20 skeletons come down both of the curved stairs. Arturas takes his heavy crossbow and fires a bolt at the wight. It hits the wight in his left side. It looks at the bolt stuck in its side. Grabs it with his boney hand and the bolt disintegrates. (Alston) “Oh Frick. Now I think we are in trouble.”

And So It Begins
Episode 10-19-2016

March 18 – At camp in the box canyon. The group discusses how they will need to initiate the plan. As they also continue to modify and tweak the plan. Over and over and over. Arturas expresses that they should not have left the electricity ring back along their journey. (Arturas) “We have less then 2 days until the castle shows up. Even if I rode hard there and back. I could not make it back in time.” (Carter) “I agree, we should not have left it back there. Maybe the wizards have some teleportation magic?” Arturas approaches the wizards tent and announces himself. He hears “Come in.” As he enters the tent. The inside is completely furnished with chairs, cushions, a table and 4 chests. Podnick is lounging on a couple of cushions drinking a glass of wine. (Arturas) “Pardon me for disturbing you. We were wondering if you have any sort of teleportation spells in your plethora of knowledge? Our group had come across a magic item a little over a day from here. We thought of no way to transport it at the time. We think we have figured a way now.” (Podnick) “Magic Item? What sort of item?” (Arturas) “A ring, a large electrified ring. None of us could touch it without getting shocked.” (Tummil) “Sounds intriguing. Pod, do we still have that teleportation scroll? (Podnick) “Yes, it is in the chest over there.” Podnick gets up. Walks to the chest and rummages around for a few minuets. He pulls out an old dusty scroll. (Podnick) “It can handle up to 8 bodies. Preferably to a familiar location. Otherwise there could be a mishap.” (Arturas) “What kind of mishap?” (Tummil) “You don’t want to know. Really, you don’t want to know.” Podnick and Arturas go outside and back over to the main group. Discussion turns to who will go retrieve the ring and who will stay. The outcome is, Arturas, Carter, Sai, Podnick and 3 horses will go. They ready the horses and are soon on their way at a very fast speed.

After the adventurers leave, Alston again sends his hawk in outward circles to look for other groups. On its 3rd outward circle it returns. It relays the images of the Heroes of Ulek and their camp. They have a small fire. There are no horses. Ulfgar does not seem to move much. There are no other groups in the area. The remaining group and the wizards discusses possible contingency plans. (Tummil) “We did have several plans before we settled on the use of the magic jar. One was if we destroyed her castle. Possibly the curse would be broken. But we assumed the castle may be too big to destroy completely. We also thought of telaporting the queen out of her bound area. You do know she is bound to the castle and cant go farther then a few miles from it?” (Maab) “We do Now.” (Solaire) “So What I suspect may work as plan A . Ulfgar’s polymorph spell to change her back to an Elf. This should limit her ghostly abilities. That is if Ulfgar really wants to transform her. He is quite mad.” (Freezeia) “My visions have shown the Druid with the elvish E carved into his cheek. His path is cloudy as to what he will do when the time comes.” (Solaire) “Plan B would be to use the magic jar on her. Plan C would be to eliminate the hoards or most of the hoards. Then take her on head on. Not sure of that option.” (Finntran) “These are not normal undead. These are magic evil undead. And besides that there are the nazgils and the wights to contend with.” (Alston) “And that makes plan D. To run ourselves back to Hochoch, as fast as we can?” The Discussion continues and the plans again change, over and over and over.

Arturas and the rest of the riding party make it back to the spot that the electricity ring is hidden. The horses are very winded. It is just before sundown. Arturas begins removing his metal armor and any other metal on him. Sai, with a grin on her face. Helps him with the straps he can not reach. Arturas then attempts to remove the boulder from on top of the sack containing the ring. His 1st attempt fails. He tries from a different angle and the boulder rolls off of the sack with no electric discharge. Everyone backs away, except Carter. Arturas opens the bag. When he sticks his hand in to touch the ring. He instinctively pulls his hand out from the shock. (Carter) “Let me try.” Carter calms himself. Reaches into the bag and grabs the ring. The shock is strong but he holds on. He removes the ring from the bag. He waves it around. No continuing shock. He puts the ring over he head and touches his neck. No shock. He lets go of the ring from around his neck. The ring hangs upon his neck with no shock. Carter walks over to a tree and places his hand on it. He can feel the electricity flow through him into the tree. He leaves a minor hand print burn mark on the tree where he touched it. Carter smiles. He wells up energy inside him and pushes his hands forward. A bolt of lightning arcs from his hands to the tree in front of him and cuts the tree in half. It falls away from the group. (Carter) “I like this.” Arturas, with a frown on his face suspected the magic item worked something like that. (Sai to Arturas) “You would probably not be able to wear your metal armor if you tried to wear that ring.” (Arturas) “You are probably right. Podnick, what do you need for us to do to be telaported back to camp?” (Podnick) “We need to be in a close 10’- circle. I will read the scroll and think about the camp. We should instantly be teleported there.” (Sai) “And nothing can go wrong?” (Podnick) “Well there is a slight chance of something going wrong. Magic never works 100% of the time the way you want it to. It ebbs and flows like the tide.” Arturas, Carter and Sai look at each other with a worried look on their faces. Arturas is only half way donning his armor when Podnick begins to read the scroll and zzzzwwwwaaaap.

Back at camp, the remaining group and the wizards are just finishing up dinner and still revising the initial and contingency plans when. Zzzzwwwwaaap. The other group appears at the mouth of the box canyon. (Podnick) With a large grin on his face. “See, nothing to worry about. Safe and sound back at camp.” Arturas realizes he was holding his breath and exhales. Carter explains to the rest of the group the rings power. Still no one attempts to touch him or gets close to him. Fearing getting shocked. Those that went on the trip have dinner and get caught up in the discussion of the possible plans of attack. After dinner, watches are set and the night passes.

March 19 – Carter is on watch at around 2 bells in the am. He hears the undead walking the road. He goes to the edge of the canyon to make sure none of them are coming close to camp. Morning arrives with Arturas and Solaire greeting the rising sun. It is a clear, warm, beautiful day. (Finntran) With his mouth full of biscuit. “Too bad this wonderful day is the last day before all hell is released.” As the expanded group eats breakfast. They decide to attempt again to persuade the Heroes of Ulek to join forces with them. Afterward several of them trek up to the plateau and approach the other groups camp. They notice 5 bed rolls out but only Corbin the fighter, Morden the wizard and Ulfgar the druid are visible in camp. Sila the female elf ranger and Ursa the female dwarf barbarian are nowhere in sight. Most of the group stays back. Arturas and Solaire walk forward. When they get to within 20’- of camp. Morden stands with his staff horizontally outstretched in his hand towards the group. Corbin puts a hand on Morden’s shoulder as he slowly walks past. He stops just outside the edge of their camp. Solaire and Arturas then slowly walk forward to within 5’- of him. (Corbin) “Good day Solaire. I do not know this new member of your group?” (Arturas) “I am Sir Arturas DeLanor – Paladin of Pelor. And you are?” (Corbin) “Corbin Hobb of Ulek. Solaire, I want to apologize. I am beginning to believe that what Ulfgar has said to us about you and the rest of your group may not be as true as he says or believes.” (Solaire) “You seemed to have been in a bad fight recently. Can I help you?” (Corbin) “We confronted the Nazgil, under the temple in the city of Curragh, South of here. We lost our horses and most of our supplies. Ulfgar took some bad hits from the Nazgil trying to defeat it. He has not been the same since. He constantly mumbles some odd words and phrases.” Solaire walks past Corbin and Morden to Ulfgar. He squats down on the balls of his feet in front of the druid. He pulls back the cowl of the cloak covering the druids face. The left side of Ulfgar’s face is grey and ashen. He is mumbling a phrase. (Ulfgar) “Han el nathra uthra spetode, doth yel dee en vey…. holly sprig, camomile, iron dust … petha ar donn, usk a doma……..” (Solaire) “Ulfgar, can you hear me?” Ulfgar breefly looks at Solaire. (Ulfgar) “Pelor.” He then goes back to mumbling. (Solaire) “How long has he been like this?” (Morden) “When we were attacked by the nazgil. Ulfgar took the brunt of the attack when it grabbed his left side of his face. We were able to fight our way out by the skin on our teeth. We have been running North since. Ulfgar has not been able to sleep. All he does is go over and over a spell. This was almost 3 days ago.” (Arturas) “He can not heal the touch of the nazgil unless he sleeps.” Solaire goes back to Ulfgar. He shakes him to semi coherently look at him. Solaire casts the spell Command Word. (Solaire) “Sleep.” Ulfgar falls into a deep sleep in his arms. Solaire lays him down on the bed roll. (Corbin) “We could not defeat the nazgil by ourselves.” (Morden) “By the way. Where is your friend, the drow?” (Solaire) “Exavier has since left the group to go home. In his words, he found no profit in this adventure. Please come join us at our camp. We are in a small canyon to the East of here. Our cook, Ted makes a great stew with fresh bread.” Corbin whistles and both Sila and Ursa come out of hiding from either side of the group. Sila has only 4 arrows left in her quiver and 1 notched in her bow. Ursa’s armor is severely damaged and torn. They all help pack up camp and make a make shift stretcher out of 2 blankets. Arturas and Corbin carry Ulfgar back to camp in the box canyon. They place Ulfgar between the tent and the stove to keep him warm. He is still in a sound sleep. Ted feeds the heroes of Ulek some stew. They eat like they have not eaten in days. Which is most likely the case.

(Alston) “So Corbin, what sort of magical power did this nazgil bring against you?” (Corbin) “Many undead, hundreds of them, and magic. Lightning bolts from his spectral hands. There was an over presence of fear all around us. We fled as we were vastly outnumbered.” (Alston) “What sort of numbers? Tens, hundreds or thousands?” (Ursa) “Tens of thousands, maybe more.” (Tummil) “That many? This may be more difficult then we thought.” (Moricai) “Fear not Tummil. Freezeia will warn us if any evil comes near.” Freezeia looks up from her book at the sound of her name. Moricai waves to her. She waves back and goes back to reading. Alston’s hawk is again circling. After 2 hours it returns and shows Alston that there are a group of dwarves approaching from the South. Some of the newly expanded group goes to greet them. 3 miles South on the road. They see 10 dwarves walking North about a mile South of where the heroes of Ulek were camped. (Maab) “Wasn’t there 2 rival clans of 5 dwarves?” (Alston) “Maybe they joined forces.” Both groups come to a stop about 10 yards apart. (Alston) “Hail friends.” (Ornik) “Who are you and what do you want?” (Alston) “We are a fellow group. Hired by the Duke to defend against the coming evil event.” (Norin) “See, I told you we were not the only 2 groups to show up. Now that reward will have to get split 3 ways.” (Maab) “Actually there are 8 groups.” (Mundas) “8 groups! That is allot less gold then I signed up for.” (Alston) “Gentleman, we have auspiciously joined 3 of the 8 rival groups together into a highly cohesive unit. Greater is the superiority in numbers. And as an incentive. My cook has a mean beef stew in the pot now at our camp. So can we count you in and join the expanding army we are compiling to defeat the evil before us?” The dwarves all huddle and discuss the proposition. Their discussion gets heated. Punctuated with a few of them punching each other. (Ornik) “What will this merger of groups cost us?” (Alston) “Nothing, you will each become a vital part of the greatest group to defeat Queen Elori and share in the for suing reward.” The dwarves again huddle to discuss. Punch each other. Discuss more. (Finntran) “It looks like they are now taking a vote. 9 hands are raised. 1 balding dwarf has his hands crossed in front of his chest.” 1 of the dwarves that had his hand raised. Punches the balding dwarf with his arms crossed in the stomach. When he doubles over. The other dwarf grabs the balding dwarfs right hand and raises it above his head. (Omnik) “It is now unanimous! We have all agreed to join your group.” (Maab) “That was odd, very odd.” (Alston) “I hope they brought some food with them. They all look like they can eat half a cow, each.” As they all walk back to camp. Introductions are made. Dwarf Clan Hammer consists of all male fighters. Ornik is the leader. Norin, Borin and Torin are 3 brothers. Mundas is the bald dwarf that was forced to raise his hand. Dwarf Clan Stone are also all male fighters. Omnan is the leader and brother to Tork. Tork is the farther of Sabin and Tabin. Furgan is a 3rd cousin twice removed on his mothers side of the family. (Tork) “I don’t really believe he is related, but we all humor him.” Alston introduces himself, Finntran, Maab, Carter and Sai. When they get back to camp. It is early evening and the smell of stew is prevalent. Everyone else in camp is introduced to the dwarves and the dwarves to them. Dinner is served. Discussion turns to what needs to be done when attacking and when attacked. (Arturas) “We need to work as a unit. Protect the group as a whole. Weapons masters and defenders in front will form up on me. Magic will form up on Moricai and follow us through. Archers will form up on Sai and take out as many of the enemy stragglers as possible. No straggling off or going off alone. We need to work with a buddy system. Everybody got their jobs. All hell is going to break loose tomorrow. We need to be brave. We need to be ready. Get a good nights rest.” Everyone nods in agreement. Sai walks over to Sila and hands her 20 arrows from the extra that were bought a few weeks ago. Sila thanks her. Watches are set for the night. Omnik, Podrick, Carter, Ursa then Solaire will be up early to catch the rising sun. The night is quiet, very quiet for a long while.

March 20 – At approximately 3 bells in the am. A strong earthquake that lasts over 4 minuets, awakens everyone from their sleep. The earthquake is so strong. It collapses all 3 tents and part of the canyon wall collapses by where the dwarves are bedded down. Once it finally subsides and everyone can stand up. Everyone in the group moves to the mouth of the canyon. Sitting about 4, maybe 5 miles away atop mount Slera is now a large glowing grey castle. There are torches and pots of fire lit all along the parapet. Giving the castle an eerie glow. (Podnick) “That is 1 very big castle.” (Freezeia) Breathing heavy. “I can feel her….I can feel her presence. She is awakening. She is deep inside the castle.” (Sai) “I can see allot of movement along the road. The undead are heading through the abandoned village for the castle.” (Solaire) “And so it begins.”

Now We Sit And Wait
Episode 10-5-2016

March 15 – 2 bells past midnight – The group is all standing around trying to figure out what to do with the 12" silver electricity ring. Arturas from his wound by the Specter sits down and Bertram helps him remove some of his armor. (Alston) “What can we put it in that does not give off an electric shock?” (Maab) “I have an extra sack.” She hands over the sack. Discussion goes around for another half hour and they hang the ring in the sack on a tree branch. Most of the group tries to get back to sleep.

Morning arrives with clouds and a steady drizzle. Hot coco with cinnamon warms everyone with a breakfast of pan biscuits and bacon. Sai and Finntran go over the map and decide to continue to follow the river Northerly until they can turn West towards Mount Slera. After breakfast, camp is packed. Still no one knows what to do with the silver ring. They Decide to hide it. Alston picks up a large boulder and drops it on top of it. The resulting electrical charge through the ground in all directions knocks him on his rear end and his feet tingle for a few minuets. (Alston) “Well at least it is hidden.” After he recovers, the group continues North. After an hour they can see the elvish town of Enderyn across the river to the East. Travel in the low hills West of the Javen River is slow. At several points it becomes steep and treacherous. Sai stops the group to go ahead to find a better path. She needs to do this several times to find a suitable path. By sundown they find a fairly level spot to pitch camp. Bill makes a dinner of strips of beef in a warm broth with mulled wine. (Carter) “Maybe we should not have left the silver ring back there?” (Solaire) “And how were we suppose to carry it without getting shocked?” (Carter) “I don’t know, but my inner chi tells me we were missing something about it.” Watches are set. The group lets Arturas sleep the night to regain his strength from last nights bout with the Specter. The drizzle stops and the night passes uneventful.

March 16 – Another morning of chilly, cloudy drizzle. Even the hot java does not take the chill out of everyone. After a lite breakfast of toast, jam and bacon. The group breaks camp and continues on their journey. They follow the river North until it makes a wide curve to the West. At this point Sai treks the group across some low hills in a Westerly path. After several hours they can see the dead city of Mithrond about 5 miles to the North. As they continue West they can see what looks like a roadway that runs from Mithrond towards Mount Slera. When they reach the roadway. Sai admits she is not sure of the tracks that are abundant on it. She assumes that the tracks are a mix of different types of undead. It is almost sundown and the group decides to look for a spot off the road to camp. They decide to move up into the low hills to the Southeast of the road. After 45 minuets they find a small box canyon that they can be hidden and only need to defend from 1 side if they are attacked. This leaves them no other escape route but the security of being hidden outweighs the latter. (Finntran) “I am not sure we can make a fire. It may be spotted and give our location.” (Bill) “I can build a rock and clay oven that will dissipate the smoke in several directions. It will take Ted and I a few hours.” (Alston) “Oh yes, warm food will be a must. Build it.” In the mean time dinner consists of hard biscuits, dried meat and wine. Alston is not happy but lets it slide. Since the 2 men are working diligently on the stove / oven. Watches are set. As the evening passes. Around 1 hour before midnight Carter, who is on watch. He hears movement. Because of the canyon they are in. The sound echos. He can tell it is not close or getting any closer. After midnight it subsides. He informs Maab when it is her watch. The rest of the night passes uneventful.

March 17 – It is a partly cloudy and chilly morning. Solaire and Arturas greet the Eastern morning sun. Bills oven is working and he bakes some fresh bread with meat and cheese in it for breakfast. A warm coco – java mix to wash it down. At breakfast the group discusses what they each want to accomplish. Alston will send his hawk in an outward circle search pattern to see if any of the other groups have made it this far. Especially the Heroes of Ulek and Ulfgar. Most of the group will go to what is Mount Slera. It is not a large mount. Compared to some of the other mountains in the area. Leaving camp and heading towards the mount. They find what is left of a desolate mountain village. Leading up to where the castle should be. There are what is left of pillars along the winding roadway. The village seems to be abandoned and in severe decay for well over 1000 years. (Finntran) “Everything is dead here.” They reach the mount at a little before 10 bells. The mount is not steep. They find nothing other then dirt, rock and dead plants. (Arturas) “Has anyone noticed. There are no birds. No rats or any other small animals anywhere within eye sight?” The rest of the party looks around an agrees with him. Alston’s hawk returns periodically. Alston can telepathically see what the hawk familiar has seen. Just past the 5 mile radius it spots the Heros of Ulek. They are traversing the mountain path North from the dead city of Curragh to Mount Slera. They are all on foot and Ulfgar is with them. They should get to the mount in a little over 2-1/2 to 3 hours. The group retreats to their box canyon and Alston has his hawk continue the search pattern. Just before sundown the hawk spots Ulfgar’s group on a small plateau overlooking Mount Slera. They have made camp to await Elori. Ted has cooked the last of the fresh chicken in a white wine sauce for dinner. Alston’s spare hat that he is using is not as big or flamboyant as the one that got burned, but it will have to do until they return to any one of the cities and he buys a new one. Around 1 hour after dark. The group hears movement. They all move to look from a high vantage point towards the roadway. They can see hundreds of bodies and shadows moving along the road from Mithrond to Mount Slera. From the distance they are from the road and the lack of moonlight. They can only make out shapes in the dark. There are hundreds of them. They travel from Mithrond to Mount Slera. The movement covers the mound. After a while they slowly return back up the road to Mithrond. This makes the group uneasy. Sleep is difficult for everyone. Watches are on extra alert. Night passes with little sleep.

March 18 – The morning is partly cloudy and not as cold as the previous day. After a warm breakfast. The group goes down to examine the tracks on the roadway. (Sai) “I can only assume that the tracks are some form of undead. I have never seen tracks like this. Alston’s hawk is again flying the outward circle search pattern. Periodically returning to him to give him an update on what it sees. It confirms that the other group is still camped on the plateau. Overlooking the mound and the road to Mithrond. On the hawks last pass at a little over 5 miles to the North. It sees a group of 4 robed figures riding horses. They are traversing the same path that the group took. (Alston) “I think the Wonder 4 wizards have arrived.” (Arturas) “We must persuade this group to join with us. We lack any spell casters. No offence my Hobbit friend but your ability is only set in fire.” Finntran just scowls at the comment. (Solaire) “If we are to persuade these wizards. Who amongst us has the ability?” (Maab) “I will persuade them. One way or another.” (Finntran quietly to Maab) “How will you do that?” (Maab) “Don’t know yet. I will just wing it.” Finntran rolls his eyes and looks more unsure then before. The group heads North East towards the 4 wizards. Alston looks to the mountain with the plateau to the south. (Alston) “You all know we are most likely being watched by the other group up there.” (Solaire) “They will eventually see the logic in us joining forces.” (Alston) “You are expecting allot of common sense out of Ulfgar that I don’t think he has anymore.” (Solaire) “Maybe Corbin will see the folly of Ulfgar’s plan. Possibly one of his wild mood swings will persuade them to abandon the insane druid .” The group meets up with the 4 wizards on the roadway. Each of the wizards are very different. (Moricai) “Greetings to you all. I see you made it to Mount Slera without too much trouble.” Small talk is made and everyone is introduced in the group. Moricai then introduces his 3 other compatriots. Tummil is a blond haired human male in blue and brown robes. He carries a large staff with runes on it. Freezeia is a dark haired human female in white and red robes. She has a very large leather bound book hanging from her saddle. Pomnick is a dark haired human male in green and gold robes. He wares a gold circlet on his head. Moricai is a short blond haired male human in grey robes with runes and pockets all over it. He also carries a gnarled wood staff and a very ornate gold dagger. Maab leans forward and in her most subtle and most persuading voice. Lays out their plan and outlines the need to join as many of the rival groups together. There are only a few questions from Moricai and Tummil on what each group brings to the merger. Finntran marvels at how very persuasive Maab can be. The wizards discuss amongst themselves for a moment. (Tummil) “You are very persuasive in your argument Maab. Weighing the options and possible outcomes. We think the merger will be to everyone’s best interests. (Alston) “Very Good. Let us toast this merger at our camp. I have plenty of wine for all.” This brings a smile to Pomnick’s face. They all ride towards the hidden camp in the box canyon. Along the way everyone relays some information at to what each party member knows. It becomes apparent that when the 20th arrives. There is a spreading darkness outward from the queens castle. A darkness so thick that at high noon it appears to be dusk. Arturas relays to the wizards about the hoard of undead that nightly comes down from Mithrond to the mound that is Mount Slera. (Freezeia) “My visions have told me of the Nazgil’s presence in that city. It will be difficult to defeat it, if it already has hoards of other undead at its disposal.” They reach the hidden camp by late afternoon. Bill is already cooking for dinner. Sausage in a white wine sauce with cinnamon bread.” (Pomnick) “Very nice camp you have here. All the comforts of home. Where can I set up our tent?” (Alston) “How big is it? It cant be large. You have no pack horse.” He points to a spot past his and Arturas’s tent. Pomnick dismounts and walks over to the spot. He reaches into his satchel and pulls out a 6" square of what looks like paper. He begins to unfold it into an ever growing larger piece. When it gets to about 6’- square. He grabs 1 side of the square and with 2 hands shakes the paper up and down quickly. He lets go and the paper expands and converts into a 6 person tent with poles attached. It stands just a little bit larger then Arturas’s tent. It requires no ropes to stand. Alston is highly impressed. (Alston to Solaire) “We need one of those. I wonder if it packs up as easy?”

I Scry On You
Episode 9-21-2016

March 13 – The bodies of the 2 undead ogres lay strewn across the floor. Arturas attempts to pull out the battle axe that is stuck in the first ogre’s abdomen. After several tries. He gives up. Alston attempts by wiggling the blade and it finally pops out. (Arturas) “I must have loosened it.” In the gaping maggot filled hole in the front of the ogre. Arturas see something shinny. Finntran uses Mage Hand to reach in and remove the shinny object but whatever it is, is too heavy for the magical hand to lift. Arturas shrugs and reaches in and pulls out a 10" cherry wood chest with gold bands on it. He shakes the maggots off of it. It is locked with a key. (Solaire) “Is anyone able to open the chest?” Everyone looks around at each other. Maab finally holds out her hand. Arturas wipes the last of the maggots off the chest and hands it to her. Maab reaches into a pouch and pulls out a bent piece of metal. In under 10 seconds she has the chest unlocked. She hands it back to Arturas. (Solaire) “Thievery Arts? I should have known.” Atruras opens the lid of the chest. Inside is well over 150, maybe 200 different gems. (Alston) pointing to each type. “These are Rubies, emeralds, opals, diamonds, sapphires, jade and citrine. There is anywhere between 5,000 and 35,000 gold worth of gems in this chest.” Everyone’s eyes go real wide when they see what is inside. Maab closes the lid and locks the chest. They remove a broken spear from the other ogre and cut him open. In the ogres stomach. They find a human head. Maybe 3 days old. They decide to leave the catacombs and continue on their journey. Arturas sprinkles oil on the 2 bodies and lights them on fire. When they get to the surface. It is still cold and cloudy. They saddle up and continue to the West. Just before they get to the barge. They come across a group of 4 hobbits and 4 gnomes. (Finntran) “Group #7 I presume?” They are intensely drawing some sort of contraption with a cage capturing device and have taken no notice of the group looking at them. Alston dismounts, walks over to them and peers over their shoulders to take a closer look at what they are drawing. Soon 1 of the gnomes notices Alston and the rest of the group. After a few minuets of odd discussion with the hobbit / gnome group. The whole group realizes that these guys know nothing of what they are doing or what they will encounter. They even think the Queen is still an alive elf. None of them have ever heard of undead let alone seen 1. Arturas expresses that they should have the other group join with our group. The rest of the group does not like this idea and only thinks it will slow them down. Discussion turns to the gnomes / hobbits making a weapon against the undead for the group. Some sort of grenade with a light spell upon it. Alston contract negotiates with 1 of the gnome engineers in the designing and building of the grenades. They settle on 26-1/2% for the small group. Alston is pleased with 73-1/2% to him. The group then persuade the gnomes and hobbits to do more research in the Hochoch library.

After the gnomes and hobbits leave heading East. (Arturas) “I thought we were going to try to join all the rival groups together for a better defense and maybe a better offence?” (Solaire) “Those boys have no clue what we are up against or how to possibly defend themselves.” Arturas just shakes his head. They continue through the abandoned town to the river. The barge is on the far West side. Arturas looks around. There is a bell hanging from a tree branch. When he points to it. Bertram walks over to it and rings it 3 times. After a few minuets they see the barge making its way across the wide river. 20 minuets later it pulls up to the dock. (Bargeman) “Didn’t yo folks just go yon East a couple days ago?” (Finntran) “And now we are heading West.” (Bargeman) “Suit yo self. 1 silver per person and 1 silver per animal.” He is paid and everyone is loaded onto the barge. It takes another 20 minuets to traverse the river. On the West side, they all disembark and continue around the walled city of New Midwood. Hanging from the wall is the banner “7 days – Prepare” . (Finntran) “Are we stopping here.” (Arturas) “No, We continue on.” With Sai about 10 yards ahead they follow to the crossroad on the Southwest side of the city and then turn North on the North highway. There are refugees all over the sides of the road. All waiting to get into the city. (Alston) “I doubt they will ever get in.” (Finntran) “I doubt they will survive.”

After another couple of hours of riding. (Solaire) “Sai how far is it to our next stop?” (Sai) “It is almost sundown. If we push we can make Hochovle sometime before midnight. Whether they let us in that late. It is anybodies guess.” (Arturas) “Then we make for Hocholve.” (Finntran) “My stomach is growling. Can we at least stop to eat?” (Arturas) “We eat while riding.” Bill rides up next to Finntran and hands him a smoked chicken leg. (Finntran) “Thank you Bill. This will hold me for an hour.” As the sun goes down over the edge of the Western mountains. The group rearranges the riding order. Those that cant see in the dark are moved towards the middle. Ted lights 2 lanterns. He hangs 1 off Finntran’s pony and another off the pack horse. This helps to see but not past 20 feet in any direction. Just after 10 bells they reach the Southern gate of Hocholve. They alert the guard and he comes out the small door in the gate. (Guard) “Yo bunch just left last week an yo back again.” (Solaire) “Please Constable. We require some rest before we head to Mount Slera.” (Guard) “Mount Slera? Yo gonna need rest ta go there.” As they open the gate. Dozens of people get up and rush the open gate. By the time the gates are closed behind the group. About 20 more people have gotten into the city. They traverse the streets to the Frying Pan Inn. The barn in the back is full but there is room in the corral. The inn is also full. Arturas and Bertram stay with all the horses at the corral. They pitch the tent off the fencing as a lean to. (Solaire) “There must be temples in this city we can stay at.” They come across the Church of Azuth. (Carter) “Isn’t Azuth the god of Wizards?” As they enter there is a blond haired elf priestess upon the alter. She is scrying in a large crystal ball. Solaire and Alston move closer to her. They can see the images in the ball. She is scanning across wide swaths of countryside. (Solaire) “Pardon our intrusion, but can we ask a question?” This breaks her concentration and the image in the ball fades. She turns to the 2 with a slight scowl on her face. (Kora) “What is it that you want?” (Alston) “Our group is spearheading the future destruction of the arrival of the evil elf queen Elori. We have been traversing the countryside and are now forwarding towards Mount Slera where we believe she will arrive in thust 6 days. We require some place to rest for the night so we can continue onward with our quest.” The priestess looks from Alston to Solaire and then back to Alston. Solaire, out of the corner of his eye notices someone standing at a side doorway. He is mid 30s, Human and dressed in robes with many pockets all over it. (Kora) “If I let you stay. Will you promise me that you will be quiet and let me work?” (Solaire) “Of course madam Priestess.” (Kora) “You all can stay in that alcove in the back corner.” She points. Alston and Solaire back up and walk towards the robed figure. (Moricai) “Good evening gentlemen. I am Moricai. And you are the Heros of Saltmarsh?” (Alston) “Yes. And this is our Priest of Pelor, Solaire.” The exchange of information tells them that Moricai is 1 of the 4 wizards in the Wonder 4 Group. They will be heading towards Mount Slera in another day or 2. Their plan involves trapping Elori in a Magic Jar. Solaire relays to Moricai about Ulfgar’s plan to Polymorh Elori. Moricai is intrigued by the idea. (Moricai) “There is maybe a 50-50 chance it will work. It is very difficult to polymorph someone that does not want it.” (Solaire) “I think Ulfgar was planning on persuading her.” (Moricai) “Intriguing”

High Priestess Kora is staring into the crystal ball and snapping her fingers to get the 3 mens attention. They walk to her at the crystal ball. In the ball they see a sprawling city. The dead city of Mithrond. Atop the walls hovers Nasgil Oslea. In the city behind him they can see shadowy movement. Allot of shadowy movement. There is a large pyramid in the center of the city. Oslea turns his head and the blank face looks right at the us through the ball. Like he knows he is being scryed upon. Kora breaks concentration and the image fades. (Alston) “Did he just look right at us?” (Kora) “Some entities can detect a presence.” Alston shivers from that vision. Being that it is late. They all bid each other a goodnight. The alcove is not the most comfortable but it is warm and dry. The night passes.

March 14 – The group leave a donation to the church before they leave in the morning. They head to the inn for breakfast. The streets are packed with people sleeping everywhere. Arturas and Bertram are already seated in the bar room when they get to the inn. The cook has a medium size pig roasting. They all sit and discuss the ever changing plan while eating roast pork. Several times they change whether they are going to Elori’s Castle, Mithrond, Curragh or go look for Ulfgar again. In the end, with only 6 days left. They decide to head for where the castle is set to appear or rise or somehow show up. They finish breakfast. Pay their bill and head to the barn. Saddle all the horses and slowly make their way to the North West city gate. As they exit, the guards make sure none of the refugees outside make it into the city. As the group slowly heads North, they can hear the guards shouting at the refugees on the outside. (Guard) “You all are not getting in here. There are 6 days left. Just enough time for you to head East and make it to Hochoch or farther. Stay there and you will just get eaten by some zombies.” The last remark sends a chill through the entire group.

The road turns Northeast and bridges the river at a narrow point. Sai points to the low hills directly North. There is still somewhat of a pathway but the pace is slower then when they had a road to follow. They reach a small stand of trees just before nightfall. The make camp and Bill cooks sausage in a wine sauce and an apple bread for dessert. After dinner watches are set Carter, Arturas then Solaire take the last watch.

March 15- All is peaceful till around 2 hours past midnight. Arturas is on watch. He hears a trudging sound getting louder and louder. As it gets closer it is clear that there are many of whatever coming closer. He rousts the rest of the group. Solaire rushes to put on his armor. Sai and Maab see the movement before it enters the light of the campfire. There are about 2 dozen skeletons but there is something else in the back of the group. Arturas cast several defensive spells and readies his weapon. Solair steps forward and wells up his radiant power from Pelor. He vanquishes 4 of the skeletons instantly and 8 more retreat from the Cleric. Alston attacks the skeletons to the left. Carter attacks the skeletons to the right. Arturas goes for the leader in the back. As he gets closer he sees it is a Specter controlling the skeletons. Finntran cant get a clear shot at the Specter. He decides to use his belt of jumping. He squats down and jumps 30’- in the air. He wells the flames of a fireball in him but he is a little off balance. He lets the fireball go. Aiming for thee Specter but instead hits Alston right in his upper back. Now on fire. Alston drops to the ground and rolls. Trying to put out the fire. The Specter grabs Arturas’s left arm. And flows past him. Arturas howls in pain. Turns and pursues the Specter. Soon the skeletons are either destroyed or fleeing from the Cleric. The Specter takes several scorching rays and the brunt of Arturas’s attacks. Soon it dissipates into thin air with a long scream. Alston gets up and finds what is left of his wide brim hat. The wire ring and only some little bits of cloth are all that is left. (Alston) “Damn, that was my best hat.” The rest of the group see a large 12" silver ring laying on the ground where the specter was. As Carter tries to pick it up. It gives him a shock to his hand. His fingers tingle for a few minuets. Finntran uses his Mage Hand to pick up the ring. Everyone gathers around to examine it. (Arturas) “I did not noticed if the Specrer was wearing any ring like this. What is it for?” (Finntran) “I do not know. Where do we put it so we don’t get shocked?” Everyone just looks at each other. No one has an answer.

Palor Sends Help
Episode 9-7-2016

March 11 – In the middle of the street. Finntran profusely apologizes for hurting Solaire. Solaire’s nose is still bleeding from having the Hobbit land on him. Only after a few moments does the bleeding finally stop. They now slowly continue in the direction of the Inn.

Atop his black warhorse Valor. Sir Arturas DeLanor rides West along the Duchy of Geoff East / West Highway. His 3 weeks of travel with his squire Bertram, tell him he is close to his destination. Palor has sent Arturas the vision of the righteous Cleric Solaire, and that he is in need of Arturas’s help with an undead problem. Arturas knows the cleric is in the vicinity of Hochoch. The road as he travels West is clogged with refugees. All heading East and away from what he assumes is the coming onslaught. He arrives at the South gate of the city of Hochoch, just after the noon bells. The gates are closed. The road all along the sides are clogged with people sitting or camped out. He notices a large banner hanging from the top of the city wall “9 Days Left – PREPARE “ He is not sure what to make of the banner. There are no guards at the gate. There are no guards looking down from the walls or gatehouse. (Arturas) “Bertram, Please use your horn to alert the guards.” Bertram pulls out his horn and sounds a loud blast. A guard pokes his head over the edge of the wall and ducks back. (Arturas) “See here good man. Open the gate. I have important business in the city.” The guard again pokes his head over the wall and ducks back. Soon another guard with a small red crest on his helmet pokes his head over the edge of the wall. People in the area see this knight as an opportunity to get into the city. If he gets in at all. They all start to mill about closer to the gate. (Sargent) “The city is over full.” (Arturas) “I am here for the undead problem.” The sargent gets a scowl on his face (Sargent) “Great, another mercenary. Let him in. Open the gate.” As the gate opens. Crowds of people all rush to enter the city. The guards hold as many back but close to 2 dozen run in before they can close the gates after Sir Arturas and Bertram enter. The sargent comes down to talk to the knight. (Sargent) “I am short of men to escort you to the Duke. I can give you directions.” (Arturas) “That will be fine Sargent.” The directions are fairly easy and Atruras and Bertram both think they can follow them. The South gate looks across the docks along the river. The city wall extends about 20 yards out into the river but does not encircle the city completely. There are fences erected along the docks but nothing substantial. Arturas shakes his head at the lack of defense this city has. They head in the direction of the Duke’s keep.

On the way back to the White Stallion Inn. The group discuss their next course of action in reaching Mt. Slera. (Finntran) “No one is happy on the haunted mountain.” Bess sees her informant, Borat doing his panhandler thing and watching everyone that walks near. She slides over to him and inquires about the Statue and the engineers that brought it to the city. What little information he knows is. That a large canvas wrapped thing was delivered to the Duke’s castle. He does not know what happened to the engineers. Bess thanks him with a silver. Further up the road. Solaire decides to stop at a blacksmith shop to have him un dent his breast plate that Finntran dented. As the blacksmith hammers out the dents. Solaire hovers over the blacksmith as he works. Pointing out all the tiny dents on the armor. (Finntran) “Hey, that last dent was not from me. That was from when you fell off your horse by Hochovle.” The blacksmith is annoyed but he puts up with a paying customer. Sir Arturas passing by. Sees his cleric of Paylor at the blacksmith shop. He dismounts and approaches. He is abruptly stopped by a young female wood Elf with her right hand resting on the pommel of her sword. (Arturas) “Excuse me young lass. I wish to speak with the cleric of Pelor.” (Sai) “Solaire, do you know this guy?” Solaire looks up from the meticulous work the blacksmith is doing and sees a large human knight with a symbol of Palor on his belt. Sai is standing in front of him, blocking his path. (Arturas) “You are the righteous cleric Solaire of Pelor?” (Solaire) “I am. And who are you?” (Arturas) “ I am Sir Arturas DeLanor – Paladin. The great god Pelor sent me to aid in your endeavor.” A very big smile crosses Solaire’s face. A silent prayer crosses his lips. “Thank you God of Light.” As he moves forward (Solaire) “Sai, welcome our new friend.” Sai steps aside but does not remove her hand from the sword. Sir Arturas and Solaire clasp hands. (Arturas) “Pelor has sent me but I have no other information, other then to seek you out and aid in whatever way I can.” (Solaire) “We have much to discuss. Lets head to the Inn for lunch and much discussion.” Solaire examines the finished breast plate. Now restored to its dent free state. The blacksmith helps Solair to put it back on. Solaire pays him the 5 gold and they are on their way again to the Inn. As they walk, Solaire introduces everyone in the group. When they get to the White Stallion. The smell of venison stew makes everyone hungry. Bill, Ted and Bertram take the horses to the stable around back. Inside there is a bit of a ruckus going on. Group #8. The 8 young boys has started a wrestling match. 1 table and 4 chairs are broken and on the floor. The 5 Hobbits are running bets on who will win. The barmaid is crouched behind the bar in fear. Alston goes up to the Hobbit taking the bets. (Alston) “What are the odds?” (Ruck) “2-1 on the guy with the split lip. 8 to 1 on the guy with a cut on his cheek. You want in?” (Alston) “100 gold on the guy with a split lip” Sai also places a small bet on the guy with the cut on his cheek. It takes only another moment and the guy with the split lip is pinned by the guy with a cut on his cheek. Ruck holds out his hand. Alston reluctantly pays him and goes back to the table where the group is now sitting. Ruck pays Sai the 24 gold she won. Finntran has been talking to Arturas the entire walk back to the inn and still while they were sitting at the table. Trying to explain what information they have of what will come to pass. Arturas tries to make sense of what the group tells him, but it is too much for 1 sitting. (Arturas) “This is no, Undead Problem. This is a major Cataclysmic Event.” (Alston) “More or less, Yes.” The discussion turns to the time line and the amount of provisions the group has. A list is made and half the group will restock provisions. The other half will go to the Pelor temple to enlist the bishop’s help in retrieving the statue of Pelor from the Duke . Finntran will stay at the Inn finishing his 2nd lunch. Solaire, Bess, Carter and Arturas head to the temple. When they get there. The temple is over full with 80 refugees. In an area that would be for 40 people. The audience with the bishop does not get them the answers they want. The bishop does not have the pull to stand up to the Duke about the statue that he supposedly has. Also, all the clerics at this temple are very cloistered. Non have any skill in offensive spells. The bishop explains that he has maybe enough supplies to hold out for maybe 2 months. After that he is not sure what he will do. They bid the bishop goodby. Solaire leaves him 10 gold. Arturas leaves him 20 gold. Bess smiles at the face Solaire makes when Arturas donates twice as much money as Solaire. It is already late afternoon and the sun will soon be setting. As they get down the block. There is a boarding house on fire. There are people trying to put it out with blankets and some are only using buckets of water. Carter runs into the building to search out anyone still in there. Arturas assembles a bucket line from the water troughs to the fire. Solaire creates 60 gallons of water over the top of the fire. Carter, on the inside finds no one. He wells up his power to smother the fire of air. With the efforts of all 3 people. The fire is soon out. Carter walks out of what is left of the building, unscathed. Soon after, Bill and Sai come up to the group. (Bill) “Alston thought we were leaving the city before sundown today? All the extra supplies are ready.” They continue back to the Inn. They decide to stop at the magic shop on the way. There is a dark haired male human having an identify spell placed upon a ring as they enter. He soon leave the shop crying. Solaire notices the 2 scrolls he was looking at are no longer there. The group haggles with the proprietor over the price of healing potions and manna potions. They take all they can afford. Bess palms 2 of the healing potions when the proprietor is not looking. They continue on, to the Inn. Once there, they discuss the time line again and Sai confirms the travel times. Since half the group can not see in the dark of night. They decide to leave in the morning. After dinner everyone turns in for the night. Arturas pays the 2 gold for a room for the night.

March 12 – Solaire is up early to greet the rising sun. It is a very cold March day. Little to no clouds but cold. After everyone has come down for breakfast and is about ready to leave. Ruck the Hobbit comes over to Solaire. (Ruck) “My masters would like a word with you.” Solaire walks over to the table where the 2 wizards are sitting. 1 of them has a mage hand writing in a book. (Mohab) “Thank you, Solaire is your name?” (Solaire) “Yes, what can I help you with?” (Ruthbin) “As you know we are documenting this event. For the history books. We would like to clarify some information?” (Mohab) “We need the names of all in your group and as much information as you can spare.” Solaire relays to them the names of everyone and not much information as to where they are headed. (Solaire) “Please do not write our obituaries just yet.” (Mohab) “Nothing of the sort. We want accuracy. Thank You.” Solaire walks back to the table as Finntran is putting the last bit of Bacon into his mouth. (Solaire) “Are we ready?” Everyone nods. They decide to leave a note at the bar for Maab. Telling her where they went. They all head to the barn. As Solaire finishes checking the saddle on his horse. Bess gives him a hug and a kiss. (Bess) “You be careful. I will see what I can find out about the statue.” Bess watches the group travel down the block. When they get just out of her site. She runs off to where her horse is hidden and heads to the South gate. Once safely outside the city, does she remove the disguise and change her clothes.

Travel through the city to the North gate takes the group almost 45 minuets. They need to detour 3 times due to some of the streets being blocked by too many people. When they get to the North Gate. They all see the banner “8 Days Left – PREPARE “ The guards open the gates to let the group out. They all hear someone in the crowd. “Yea, the heros of Saltmarsh. They will defeat the evil.” A small cheer erupts as the group passes. There is more of a guard presence at this gate. They keep anyone wanting in from entering the city. The gates are closed and barred behind the group as they leave. As they get farther from the city. There are less and less refugees traveling East on the East – West highway. They pick up the pace. After 45 minutes, Finntran notices a rider coming up the road behind them. (Finntran) “Hey Everyone. I think Maab is coming.” The group comes to a stop to wait for her. When she catches up they introduce her to Sir Arturas and Bertram. She then leans over to Solaire and hands him a scroll case. (Maab) “Oh, by the way. Bess told me to give this to you. She seen that you wanted it. So she bought it for you.” Solaire opens it to read the title. It is the Crusaders Mantle Scroll he was looking at the other day at the magic shop. (Solaire) “Bless that sweet girl.” (Finntran) “I did not think she had that type of money.” (Solaire to Maab) “So where have you been? Not in any trouble I hope.” (Maab) “No, just checking on my family.” (Arturas) “We are losing daylight. We can talk and ride at the same time.” They continue on their Westerly course. Another 45 minutes and they reach the stone wall being built running North to South at Fort Honour. The 2nd tower is almost complete and the steel bar gates are installed. They are open at the moment but look very heavy and secure. Sir Arturas notices the walls construction. He sees it is hastily built. It is only 12’- high and there is no parapet for guards to walk on. They continue West at a fast pace. In another 1-1/2 hours they reach the wood stockade wall. This wall has a parapet for guards to see over the wall, but he notices that the wood to make the wall is all mixed of different trees. Some wood may not last the 4 months between the Spring equinox and the summer solstice. The half orc guard lets them through at the gate. This time there is no line on the West side waiting to get through the gate. If they come across any refugees. They are very few and far between. They travel on for the next 6 hours till just before sunset. They find a good spot to make camp off the road. As the tents are being set up. Alston notices that Sir Arturas’s tent is a little bigger then his. (Alston to Bill and Ted) “Guys, set the tent on some slightly higher ground. It will make the tent seem bigger.” Both gnomes shrug. (Bill and Ted) “Sure boss.” They move it to a slightly higher spot. Arturas and Bertram practice sword moves. (Finntran) Pointing to Arturas “Very dedicated to his craft.” Ted make a Sausage with vegetables in a wine sauce for dinner. (Arturas) “You do know food such as this makes a man soft.” Alston raises a glass of wine to that comment. After dinner, watches are set and the night passes uneventful.

March 13 – A slightly cloudy day. Just as cold as the day before. The group notices a small campfire just off the road about a mile to the West. Breakfast is lite. Toast, jam and bacon with hot java. Soon after camp is struck, packed and they are again traveling West. A mile down the road they pass 2 refugees huddled near a small campfire. They don’t even look up when the group passes. The group travels for 4 more hours and makes it to Old Midwood. (Solaire) “I would like to check the under dark to make sure the statue has been moved. Sai stays with Bill, Ted, Bertram and the horses. The group goes down the 1st flight of stairs. Down the hallway to the 1st room. The cage is still there. It is open and empty. They decide to check farther down and make sure there is no undead left in these catacombs. They continue down the 2nd set of stairs. Finntrans rope is still there to aid in going up or down the stairs. They follow the hallway. Arturas wells his thoughts and detects some form of evil ahead. (Arturas) “Medium strength evil ahead.” (Finntran to Maab) “What does he mean by Medium Strength?” They follow the hallway as it bends to the right and comes to a T. As they make the Left. They hear something moving slowly up ahead. Alston’s sword only gives light up to 30’-. Finntran’s lantern is only giving off light up to 20‘-. As they travel to the Y in the hallway they stop some 10’- to the junction. Just at the edge of the light are 2 large body zombies coming towards the group. As they get closer. They can see they are, or were ogres. Over the next 10 minuets of battle with them. Swords are a blur. Spells are cast, but the zombie ogres are formidable. Both Alston and Arturas are confused by the stamina of these monsters with the amount of damage each is causing. Even the scorching ray spells from Finntran and Solaire do very little to slow it down. While they are on fire and lumbering around. The final blows to each zombie are a sad relief for the bleeding and soreness of both Alston and Arturas. They are both breathing heavy. (Finntran) “So, we clear the tunnels of monsters. Leave and new ones just move right in?” (Alston) “It seems so my friend. It seems so.”

Whereabouts Unknown
Episode 8-24-2016

March 10 - The group continues East to Hochoch. The road is clogged with refugees of all walks of life. Some walking, some riding, some limping. All look frightened. After 2 hours they come within sight of the Western Hochoch gate. It is closed and people are lining the sides of the roadway. As they get closer they ask questions of the people lining the road. They find out that the gates have been closed for the past 3 days. No one has information about or seen the ivory statue of Paylor. At an opportune moment. Maab slips away into the crowd and heads to the Southern gate. The guards there owe her several favors. They also don’t care for Sargent Morna. She easily slips into the city. She finds a quiet corner to use the disguise kit and in under 5 minuets Maab is now transformed into Bess.

At the Western gate Alston has been ever so long winded trying to persuade the guards atop the gate house to let his group enter. Everyone else can see the guards blank stare at Alston’s rambling. 1 of the other guards opens the small door in the gate and come forward to speak with Solaire and Finntran. Alston is still yelling up to the guard up top. (Solaire) “Good day, we are seeking access to pertain information from the city library.” (Guard) “The city is maxed out and we can not let more people in.” (Finntran to Solaire) “Who has the letter from the Duke?” (Solaire) “Exavier had it and most likely took it with him when he left.” (Finntran) “Oh Great.! Wait, I still have the voucher for the rooms at the White Stallion Inn that we got from the Duke.” Finntran produces the paper and hands it to the guard. The guard reads it. (Guard) “So you are 1 of the mercenary groups.” (Solaire) “We prefer to think of ourselves as battling against the coming evil.” (Guard) “Right, OK, Open it up. This group is good. ” The gate begins to open and Alston sees everyone moving forward. Proud of himself that he persuaded the guards up top to open the gate. He proceeds through with the rest of the group. The guards hold back anyone else not with the group and close the gate behind them.

Bess first heads to her uncles leather tanner shop. They tell her that Ben has left the city with his sister weeks ago, heading East. She next makes her way back towards the White Stallion Inn. She sees one of her contacts, Herminie and plies her for recent news. (Herminie) “Gettn bad in Hock here. Too many people. Not enough money ta go round.” (Bess) “Anything I should know about?” (Herminie) “Oh yea, Morna, he’s been promoted Centurion Lieutenant. Charge of da West barracks. Lots mo guards lately. Most now aint beholding to him but he still gots his spies everywhere. You be careful.” (Bess) “I will. Have you seen Bekk or Fekk?” (Herminie) “Not since day before.” (Bess) “OK, take care.” Bess next heads to a local gem dealer for a pearl. Then to the magic shop near the White Stallion. Inside the proprietor is the only one in the shop. He is a young Human wizard. Maab persuades him to cast an identify on her silver ring. She hands him the ring and a pearl. (Wizard) “There is an inscription on the inside. It is in Dwarvish.” (Bess) Can you read Dwarvish?” (Wizard) “Of course I can. It says Ugath. This means Smoke in Dwarvish.” He places the ring in the palm of his right hand, the owl feather and pearl in the left hand and casts the spell. (Wizard) “Yes, transmutation magic, Dwarvish in origin. Level 6 in power. No evil feeling or curse.” He hands the ring back to Bess. Bess thanks him and pays the 20 gold for him to cast the spell. She leaves the shop and continues on to the White Stallion Inn.

As the group continues through the city. They see a similar addition of people. The same as in Hocholve. Every alley and most of the streets have people living in tents, shacks, wagons. Even on the bare ground. There is a vastly increased guard presents everywhere. It takes them 45 minuets to get to the White Stallion Inn. Bill, Ted and Sai take the horses around back to the barn. Inside the inn, there is 1 table of 8 young Human fighters, another table has 2 older human spell casters with 5 very seedy and unruly looking Hobbits. There is an female Elf playing a Lute and a female Elf singing on the small stage. The group takes a table near the warm burning fireplace. They order lunch and drinks. Finntran orders 2 bowls of stew. They all begin discussing the next course of action as Bill, Ted and Sai come in and sit at the table. The barmaid brings over more food, bread and drinks for everyone. Deep in discussion, no one notices Bess enter the inn. She quietly slides over to the bar and sits on a stool closest to the group and orders an ale. It takes about 10 minuets for Finntran to notice her sitting at the bar. He taps Solaire on the arm and points to the bar. When Solaire turns and sees Bess. His smile and blushing face makes her smirk. Bess gets up from the bar with her ale and walks to the table. She gives Solaire a peck on the cheek and sits down between Solaire and Finntran. If Solaire was not blushing before, he is now. (Finntran) Trying to reassure Bess. “It’s terrible, what’s out there. But don’t worry, we have a plan to deal with it. Well, parts of a plan. We’ve had several plans before this, but we have a good feeling about this plan now.” After some small talk, they discuss dividing up what information to look for and to go to the South library. Bess persuades them that they will find more if they return to the North library.

Bess gets up from the table and walks over to the 2 Wizards at the other table across the barroom. The 2 Humans introduce themselves as Ruthbin and Mohab. They are from Greyhawk. They were sent by the leaders of Greyhawk to observe and document the coming events. (Mohab) “Ah yes, you are with group #2 over there. Those 8 young boys over at the other table are group #8.” (Bess) “8 groups? We thought there were only 2 groups.” (Ruthbin) “Oh no. Group #1 are the heros of Ulek. Your group #2 from Saltmarsh arrived just after them. Group #3 is 4 wizards from Dyvers. They arrives a week after you and call themselves the Wonder 4. Group #4 is a well rounded group of 9. 4 fighters, 2 wizards, 2 clerics and a bard. Group #5 and #6 is 5 Dwarves each. Rival clans that heard of the gold reward. Group #7 is 4 Gnomes and 4 Hobbits. They seem to think this is some sort of science project on undead. The last group #8 are those 8 young boys over there. Full of enthusiasm and spunk. Until someone gets eaten by a zombie and they run home to mommy.” While Bess is standing there. One of the Hobbits tries to slowly grab a belt pouch from her belt. She easily grabs his pinky and bends it back to put him on his knees. She pushes him back and lets go. (Mohab) “Ruck! Behave yourself.” (Ruck) Holding his throbbing hand “Sorry, didn’t mean anything by that.” She walks back to the table to relay what the Wizards have told her.

With the discussion of going to the library and finding maps. The Barmaid overhears, while refilling drinks (Barmaid) “There is a cartographer shop not far. Go down 3 blocks to the building with white shutters. Make a right and it is 2 doors down on the right.” (Finntran) “Oh yes, please, we must stop there.” The group finishes their lunch and heads to the map shop. When they walk in Finntran is in awe. There are racks of canvas maps on every wall. There is even a small 3 dimensional map table similar to the Duke’s desk. Showing the city of Hochoch and the surrounding area. There are 5 men surrounding a table that has a large map on it. They are each labeling a section. One of the men looks up. (Proprietor) “Can I help you look for something?” (Finntran) “Yes, Oh yes. I need a map showing Mount Slera.” The map makers mouth drops open. (Proprietor) “No one goes there. It is haunted. Those that go there. Most don’t come back.” He shows Finntran a large canvas map of the area. (Proprietor) “Its 10 gold.” Finntran looks at Alston with sad eyes. Alston rolls his eyes and pays the man 10 gold. Clearly marked on the map is Mount Slera with a ominous warning that a ruin is there called Sleepers Knee. He rolls up the map as they walk out of the shop. (Solaire) “We need to make one more stop.” They stop at the Temple of Paylor. They find one of the priests inside. (Solaire) “Could I borrow some acolytes?” The priest gives Solaire a strange look. (Solaire) “We are in route to the Library and I need eyes that can read and research topics.” (Priest) “Oh, in that case. I have 4 of them you can use.” He summons Adam, Ben, Charles and David. They go with the group to the North Library. Once there, Solaire divides up who will look for what information. They each head to their task. Solaire after a few hours finds.

Curse of Elori

Eternal death for the high Elf queen who brings forth Evil.
The passing of time for you, forever will be your trial.
Banished to thine fiery hells of forever flight.
For all of time yon be ye in no shaft of light.
Hideous queen, begone to your grave
And all that follow you forever a slave
Hence forth, you will bemoan your plight
Torrential screams to haunt you from this moment nigh

High Cleric of Paylor – Surthen Denten – year 122 of the sun – Flanaess

One of the Acolytes, Ben finds a reference to Elori became Queen at the age of 60. In human terms that is about 16 years old. After her Mother Elorise died of a fatal lingering illness. Elori was said to be the most beautiful Elf to ever live. Many suitors over the years vied for her hand in marriage. Another Acolyte Charles finds a reference that Elori’s reign was 600 years. By this time it was 8 bells and getting dark outside. The group decides to return to the inn for dinner. Besides, Finntran’s stomach growling is starting to disturb others at the library. As they get outside, they notice that every other street lamp is lit. leaving many shadow spots. When they get about 4 blocks from the library. A 4 man squad of guards approaches them. (Guard) “Why are you out this late.” (Solaire) “Late? We are returning to the White Stallion Inn from research at the library. We need to deliver these 4 boys to the Temple of Paylor first.” (Guard) “It is not safe at this time of night. We will escort you to your destinations.” The Guards take up a stance of 2 in front of the group and 2 in back of the group. They stop at the Temple and make sure Adam, Ben, Charles and David enter safely. They then head to the Inn. (Alston to Finntran) “This is more like it. An armed escort for the nobility.” The guards make sure the group reaches the inn safely. Alston thanks and hands each man a silver coin before going into the inn. Inside there are more people for dinner then their were for lunch. There is a large table of adventurers across the room. They have 2 clerics of Lliira. The Goddess of joy. Solaire can see the 3 six pointed stars hanging around their neck. (Finntran) “Group #4, I assume?” The table they were at earlier in the day is still vacant and they sit there. No one has seen Wolfcaller since they entered the city. The barmaid brings over a pot of chicken soup, bread, 8 bowls, spoons and sets them on the table. Alston orders a bottle of white wine. During dinner they discuss their findings and what to do tomorrow. (Solaire) “Do we spend 1 more day at the library or head to Elori’s castle? Sai, how long for us to get to …” He stops just short of telling everyone in the bar room where they are going and all need to go anyway. (Solaire) You know. The spot on the map. (Sai) at a normal pace it was just under 3 days to Hochovle. To the spot past I would say 4-5 days over all. If we pick up the pace we could do it in 3-4 days.” (Alston) What about this other road to Enderyn. Isn’t that a shorter route?” (Sai) “Yes but there is no way to cross the river there. I doubt you want to swim your pony a half a mile across very cold water.” (Alston) “Oh, OK. Means we go through Midwood to the ferry.” Finntran with buttered bread in each hand and one in his mouth. Walks over to the table with the 8 young fighters. (Finntran) “So where are you boys from?” (Fighter) “The kingdom of Furyondy.” (Finntran) “You do know that hoards of Undead will be unleashed?” (Fighter) We have battled undead. Many a skeleton have fallen under our thumb.” (Finntran) “What about other undead?” (Fighter) “Zombies are a piece of cake. Right guys?” the 8 boys at the table all roar and drink down their ale. Finntran turns with a smile on his face and returns to his seat at the table. (Finntran) “Enthusiastic but dumb. Do we shoo them home or herd them in front of us as meat shields?” (Solaire) We can decide that in the morning.” Everyone retires for the night up to their rooms. For tomorrow is 1 more big day at the library.

March 11 - It is a chilly, cloudy day outside. The group slowly filters down for a breakfast of egg fried in the center of a piece of bread with a chunk of ham on top. (Finntran) “I have this belt that I picked up a while back. I am pretty sure it is magical. Cant push myself to put it on. What if it is cursed?” (Bess) “There is a magic shop that can cast identify on it. You just need a pearl and an owl feather and 20 gold for him to cast the spell.” (Finntran) “Really? I don’t have a pearl! I don’t have an owl feather! I can find an owl feather. Where can I get a pearl?” (Bess) “I know a place, relax.” (Solaire) “I have this extra suit of chain mail we can sell, if that will help. We can sell it on the way to the library.” Everyone finishes breakfast and they head out to the Temple of Paylor to pick up the 4 acolytes. Near the temple, there is an armor shop. They give Solaire 65 gold for the chain mail armor. He gives the money to Finntran. Bess finds a him a jewel shop to purchase a pearl. The proprietor only charges him 90 gold. (Bess) “We will go to the magic shop later.” Now with the 4 acolytes in tow. They head to the library again.

At the library, everyone heads off in different directions and over the next few hours uncovers allot of information. Finntran finds that Elori had 2 close powerful allies. Both were wizards. Baron Musla of Curragh and Baron Oslea of Mithrond. Mount Slera sits between the 2 now dead cities. Acolyte David has found that over the course of 600 years of Elori’s reign. Of the 20 suitors. The first 10 survived the ordeal. The later 10 did not. One of the early suitors. When Elori was a mere 250 years old. A Harken Sunata, wrote a book of the 20 year trials of attempting to wed Elori. The 10 that did not survive. Their tails of their gruesome demise are bloody and horrid. Most had their faces ripped off. Finntran also finds information that Elori had 18 elite Elvish warriors at her beck and call. Immensely loyal to her. He suspects that these are now the Wights they have encountered. After the bloody reading. (Finntran) “My stomach is grumbling. Isn’t it time for lunch yet?” (Bess) We can stop at the magic shop on the way back to the inn. Along the way, Bess sees a hand stick out of an alley and wave. It looks like a boys hand. It does this several times. Another hand keeps pulling the arm back in the alley. Bess Suspects it is Bekk and Fekk. (Bess) “Solaire, Honey, Give me a minute. I need to freshen up.” She give him a peck on the cheek and walks down the block and leans up against the wall near the alley. (Bess) “Yes boys, what do you have for me?” (Fekk) “We heard you was back in Hock. Weev not been able ta find dat Druid. He dun vanished.” (Bess) “That’s OK. We found him. Did you boys hear or see of any large statue?” (Bekk) “Dare was a heavy wagon wit somin big. Covered in canvas. Da engineers took it to da Duke’s castle.” (Bess) “Frick. OK, what does Moojo want with me?” (Bekk) “Moojo said dat yo mom an uncle Ben gots threatened by Morna befo dae left da city. Da guards are watchin yo moms house an Ben’s shop” (Bess) “They did leave Hock?” (Fekk) “Yea, left weeks ago.” (Bess) “Good, you guys just keep tract of Morna for me.” (Feek and Bekk) “Easy as pie.” Bess flips a silver coin into the alley and as she walks away. She hears the boys fighting on the ground over it. She gets back to the group and finds that Finntran has purchased some cooked meat on a stick. Everyone is not sure what type of meat it is and does not want any. Bess tells them of the plight of the statue. (Solaire) “We must find a way to retrieve the statue from this misguided Duke and place it in the Temple of Paylor where it belongs.” (Bess) “So, stealing stolen goods is not a crime then.” (Solaire) “The Duke is wrong.” (Finntran) “OK, first we defeat Elori and the hoards of undead. Then we can overthrow the Duke because he is an Asshat.” They all chuckle and nod in agreement. They next drop off the 4 acolytes at the temple. Solaire thanks each of them on their diligent work at the library and makes sure the priest knows of their good work. Next it is to the magic shop. The proprietor remembers Bess from the day before. (Bess) “Can you cast Identify on my friends item?” (Proprietor) “Not a problem. I do not have a pearl. Do you have one?” (Finntran) “Yes, here and here, this belt I need identified.” The wizard pulls an owl feather from a draw. Places the belt in his right hand. The pearl and feather in his left hand. He casts the spell with his eyes closed. (Proprietor) “Yes magical, benevolent enchantment, no curse or evil, no trapped soul.” The wizard hands the belt back to Finntran, who is now smiling. He pays the proprietor the 20 gold. Solaire is looking at a Crusader’s Mantle scroll and a Sunbeam scroll. (Solaire) “Alston, wouldn’t it be nice to have these two scrolls to rely on?” (Alston) “For that price? Not really.” Solaire puts them down and walks outside with Alston and Finntran. (Bess to Proprietor) “How much for both of these scrolls?” (Proprietor) “600 gold.” Bess pays the man. Stuffs the scrolls in her satchel and walks outside. Finntran is standing in the street. He is hesitant but puts on the belt. (Finntran) “I don’t feel any different?” He turns around in the street. Nothing happens. He points down the street with his finger outstretched. Again, nothing happens. He next bends his legs and jumps. Solaire is standing next to Finntran when he disappears. Everyone is looking all around for him. Finntran has actually jumped and is hanging off the top edge of the 4 story building they were all standing next to. (Finntran) “Oh Dear! Someone Help Me!” Everyone looks up to see the Hobbit hanging off the top roof edge of the building. (Solaire) “You can jump, and I will catch you…. or you can fall and I will heal you after you hit the ground.” Bess looks at Solaire with an expression of, What, Really? She casts a jump spell upon herself and as she jumps up to the roof where Finntran is. She pulls him onto the roof. He is panting heavy. (Finntran) “I don’t like heights.” There is no hatch in the roof to get down. (Bess) “I have a feather fall ring. I will lower you to the ground. When they step off the roof. Finntran losses his grip and cant hold onto Bess for long. He falls towards the ground screaming. Solaire attempts to catch him and when Finntran lands on him. Knocking Solaire to the ground with a painful, ummff. Finntran bounces back up into the air and lands on the building across the street from the first rooftop. Bess lands safely on the ground. Finntran looks around and goes to the hatch that is in this roof. He walks down the ladder into someones bedroom. He soon walks out a door onto the street. Solaire is still laying on the ground. Bleeding from his nose and he has a good size dent in his armor. (Solaire) “Guys, I am only bleeding from one orifice.” as he wipes the blood from his nose. Alston walks over to Solaire and picks him up. He sits him on a bench by the side of the street. Finntran apologizes to Solaire. He casts prestidigitation to clean the blood from Solaire’s armor. (Carter to Bess) “Are they always this clumsy?” (Bess) “Not always. Chalk it up to, A Bad Day. ” Sai, with her right hand resting on the hilt of her sword is keeping an eye on the street to make sure no one takes advantage of the situation. She is chuckling to herself and shaking her head.


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